Open and manage new casesedit

Open a new caseedit

Open a new case to keep track of issues and share the details with colleagues.

  1. Go to CasesCreate new case.
  2. Give the case a name, add any identifying tags, and enter a description.

    In the Description area, you can use Markdown syntax to create formatted text.

  3. Under External incident management system, select a connector. If you’ve previously added one, that connector displays as the default selection. Otherwise, the default setting is No connector selected.
  4. After you’ve completed all of the required fields, click Create case.

Manage existing casesedit

You can search existing cases and filter them by tags, reporter, and status: open, in-progress, or closed.

To view a case, click on its name. You can then:

  • Add a new comment.
  • Edit existing comments and the description.
  • Add a connector (if you did not select one while creating the case).
  • Send updates to external systems (if external connections are configured).
  • Close the case.
  • Reopen a closed case.
  • Edit tags.
  • Refresh the case to retrieve the latest updates.