Notifications domain allowlistedit

The notifications domain allowlist restricts the possible recipients for alert emails. Elasticsearch Watcher and Kibana alerting actions send emails only if the recipient domains are included in this allowlist.

The recipients are only restricted if one or more domains are configured. If there are no domains configured, notifications can be sent to any recipient domain (No restrictions apply).

You can configure the allowlist on the organization Contacts page.

Changes to the allowlist do not take effect immediately. After saving your changes, run a configuration change on each of your deployments to apply the updated allowlist.

Apply the updated domain allowlist to a deploymentedit

Using the UIedit

  1. Log in to the Elasticsearch Service Console.
  2. Select a deployment.
  3. From your deployment menu, go to the Edit page.
  4. Select Save.

This updates the notifications settings for Elasticsearch and Kibana to reflect what is configured on the organizations Contacts page.

Use the Elastic Cloud Control CLIedit

Updating multiple deployments through the UI can take a lot of time. Instead, you can use the Elastic Cloud Control command-line interface (ecctl) to automate the deployment update.

The following example script shows how to update all deployments of an organization:

ecctl deployment list --format "{{ .ID }}" | while read id ; do
    echo "Updating deployment $id"

    # Get current deployment formatted as an update request
    # The request is stored into a temporary file
    ecctl deployment show $id --generate-update-payload > $temp_file

    # Update the deployment using this request
    ecctl deployment update $id --file $temp_file

    rm $temp_file