Step 4: Configure Heartbeat locationedit

Heartbeat can be deployed in multiple locations so that you can detect differences in availability and response times across those locations. Configure the Heartbeat location to allow Kibana to display location-specific information on Uptime maps and perform Uptime anomaly detection based on location.

To configure the location of a Heartbeat instance, modify the add_observer_metadata processor in heartbeat.yml. The following example specifies the of the add_observer_metadata processor as us-east-1a:

# ============================ Processors ============================

  - add_observer_metadata:
      # Optional, but recommended geo settings for the location Heartbeat is running in
        # Token describing this location
        name: us-east-1a 
        # Lat, Lon "
        #location: "37.926868, -78.024902" 

Uncomment the geo setting.

Uncomment name and assign the name of the location of the Heartbeat server.

Optionally uncomment location and assign the latitude and longitude.

To test your configuration file, change to the directory where the Heartbeat binary is installed, and run Heartbeat in the foreground with the following options specified: ./heartbeat test config -e. Make sure your config files are in the path expected by Heartbeat (see Directory layout), or use the -c flag to specify the path to the config file.