Synthetics command referenceedit

This functionality is experimental and may be changed or removed completely in a future release. Elastic will take a best effort approach to fix any issues, but experimental features are not subject to the support SLA of official GA features.

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Heartbeat uses the npx @elastic/synthetics command to run and report synthetic tests. It can also be used locally to help develop your tests.


npx @elastic/synthetics [options] [files] [dir]


You will not need to use most command line flags — they have been implemented purely to interact with Heartbeat. However, there are some you may find useful. They are documented below.

Prints debug info.
Sets the environment. For example, dev, staging, prod, etc..
-h, --help
Shows help for the npx @elastic/synthetics command.
--journey-name <name>
Filters by journey name.
Output information as NDJSON (Newline delimited JSON) for every event.
Runs with the browser in headful mode.
Instead of reading from a file, cat inline scripted journeys and pipe them through stdin. For example, cat path/to/file.js | npx @elastic/synthetics --inline