Logstash 8.3.3 Release Notes


Logstash 8.3.3 Release Notesedit

Notable issue fixededit

  • We fixed an issue which occurred when users ran the plugin manager or the keystore with the bundled JVM. Some mandatory JVM options were not being picked up from the JvmOptionsParser, breaking compatibility with Windows on certain versions of the JDK. #14355

Plugin releasesedit

Date Filter - 3.1.15

  • Build: review build to be more reliable/portable #139
  • Cleaned up Java dependencies

Fingerprint Filter - 3.4.1

  • Added backward compatibility of timestamp format to provide consistent fingerprint #67

Http_poller Input - 5.3.1

  • Fix: Make sure plugin is closing the http client #130

Scheduler Mixin - 1.0.1

  • Refactor: Initialize time zone data eagerly #2

Core Patterns - 4.3.4

  • Fix: Correct typo in CISCOFW302013_302014_302015_302016 grok pattern #313