Logstash 7.11.0 Release Notesedit

New features and enhancementsedit

Wildcard support in Central Pipeline Managementedit

With Central Pipeline Management, users can create Logstash pipelines in Kibana. Release 7.11.0 introduces wildcard support, providing users a more dynamic configuration process. Users no longer have to list all pipelines manually. Instead, Logstash will automatically pick up new pipelines that match the wildcard set in xpack.management.pipeline.id.

Confluent schema registry support in Kafka input pluginedit

In response to user requests, we have added Confluent schema registry support and new configuration options to Kafka input plugin version 10.6.0. Now you can configure the Kafka input plugin to use the Avro deserializer to retrieve data from Kafka.

Performance improvements and notable issues fixededit

Central Pipeline Management improvements

This release introduces a fix to a long-standing issue for Logstash Central Management in Kibana. When a user tried to delete a Logstash pipeline using Kibana, the pipeline wasn’t deleted from the registry. The issue prevented users from creating a new pipeline with the same name and config string. The issue has been resolved in #12387.

Persistent Queue corruption after newly allocated page

A Logstash crash or forceful termination could leave the queue in an unrecoverable state, causing the following error to be logged as the pipeline starts:

[ERROR][org.logstash.execution.AbstractPipelineExt] Logstash failed to create queue.
org.logstash.ackedqueue.io.MmapPageIOV2$PageIOInvalidVersionException: Expected page version=2 but found version=0

This has been resolved in #12554 by ensuring the version file is persisted.

Better handling of fatal exceptions

Under certain circumstances, Logstash would not respect fatal errors such as java.lang.OutOfMemoryError and would continue executing without processing data. This issue has been addressed in #12563. As a consequence of this change, Logstash will now halt immediately with exit codes associated with the kind of fatal error:

  • 128 - InternalError (error in the Java Virtual Machine)
  • 127 - OutOfMemoryError
  • 126 - StackOverflowError
  • 125 - UnknownError (unknown error in the Java Virtual Machine)
  • 124 - IOError
  • 123 - LinkageError (related to JRuby/FFI)
  • 120 - any other Error type not covered by a specific error code

Plugin releasesedit

Elasticsearch Input - 4.9.0

  • Added target option, allowing the hit’s source to target a specific field instead of being expanded at the root of the event. This allows the input to play nicer with the Elastic Common Schema when the input does not follow the schema. #117
  • [DOC] Fixed links to restructured Logstash-to-cloud docs #139
  • [DOC] Document the permissions required in secured clusters #137

Kafka Integration - 10.7.0

  • Switched use from Faraday to Manticore as HTTP client library to access Schema Registry service to fix issue #63
  • Added functionality to Kafka input to use Avro deserializer in retrieving data from Kafka. The schema is retrieved from an instance of Confluent’s Schema Registry service #51

Validator_support Mixin - 1.0.1

  • Introduces plugin parameter validation adapters, including initial backport for :field_reference validator.

Elasticsearch Output - 10.8.1

  • Fixed an issue when assigning the no-op license checker #984
  • Refactored configuration options into specific and shared in PluginMixins namespace #973
  • Refactored common methods into specific and shared in PluginMixins namespace #976