Logstash 7.10.1 Release Notesedit

Notable issues fixededit

Support recreation of same pipeline through centralized pipeline managementedit

When users attempted to delete and recreate a pipeline with the same identifier and configuration, Logstash was unable to pick up the new pipeline. #12387


Azure_event_hubs Input - 1.2.3

  • Fixed missing configuration of prefetch_count and receive_timeout #61

Http Input - 3.3.6

  • Fixes a regression introduced in 3.1.0 with the migration to the Netty back-end that broke browser-based workflows for some users. When a plugin that is configured to require Basic authentication receives a request that does not include authentication, it now appropriately includes an WWW-Authenticate header in its 401 Unauthorized response, allowing the browser to collect credentials before retrying the request. #129

Sqs Input - 3.1.3

  • Fix: retry networking errors (with backoff) #57

Kafka Integration - 10.5.3

  • Fix: set (optional) truststore when endpoint id check disabled. Since 10.1.0 disabling server host-name verification (ssl_endpoint_identification_algorithm => "") did not allow the (output) plugin to set ssl_truststore_location => "..." #60
  • Docs: explain group_id in case of multiple inputs #59