Logstash 7.6.1 Release Notesedit

  • [DOC] Rework ls netflow module deprecation notice #11600
  • [DOC] Clarify internal collectors deprecation status for 7.6 #11607
  • [DOC] Fix setting name for monitoring #11597
  • [DOC] Add Apple notarization info #11588


Dns Filter

  • Replaced Timeout::timeout block with Resolv::DNS::timeouts= #62
  • Added restriction for ruby version > 2.0, effectively making Logstash 6.x+ a requirement #62

Memcached Filter

  • Fixed issue with ttl not being set #13

Split Filter

  • Fixed issue where @target optimization would stop event.remove(@field) from being called, which can be expensive with large split fields. #40

Beats Input

  • Fixed issue where an SslContext was unnecessarily being created for each connection #383
  • Fixed issue where end was not being called when an Inflater was closed #383
  • Downgraded netty to 4.1.34 due to an issue in IdleStateHandler #380

File Input

  • Added configuration setting exit_after_read to read to EOF and terminate the input #240
  • Fixed bug in conversion of sincedb_clean_after setting #257
  • Fixed bug in delete of multiple watched files #254
  • Fixed sinceDB to work spaces filename #249

Jdbc Integration

  • Fixed tracking_column regression with Postgresql Numeric types #17
  • Fixed driver loading when file not accessible #15

Elasticsearch Output

  • Fix: handle proxy ⇒ '' as if none was set #912