Monitoring APIsedit

Logstash provides the following monitoring APIs to retrieve runtime metrics about Logstash:

You can use the root resource to retrieve general information about the Logstash instance, including the host and version.

curl -XGET 'localhost:9600/?pretty'

Example response:

   "host": "skywalker",
   "version": "6.8.23",
   "http_address": ""

By default, the monitoring API attempts to bind to tcp:9600. If this port is already in use by another Logstash instance, you need to launch Logstash with the --http.port flag specified to bind to a different port. See Command-Line Flags for more information.

Common Optionsedit

The following options can be applied to all of the Logstash monitoring APIs.

Pretty Resultsedit

When appending ?pretty=true to any request made, the JSON returned will be pretty formatted (use it for debugging only!).

Human-Readable Outputedit

For Logstash 6.8.23, the human option is supported for the Hot Threads API only. When you specify human=true, the results are returned in plain text instead of JSON format. The default is false.

Statistics are returned in a format suitable for humans (eg "exists_time": "1h" or "size": "1kb") and for computers (eg "exists_time_in_millis": 3600000 or "size_in_bytes": 1024). The human-readable values can be turned off by adding ?human=false to the query string. This makes sense when the stats results are being consumed by a monitoring tool, rather than intended for human consumption. The default for the human flag is false.