Logstash 6.8.4 Release Notesedit

  • Update JrJackson to 0.4.10 #11185
  • [DOCS] Add note about illegal reflective access #11152
  • [DOCS] Clarify monitoring hosts should not be master-only #11194


Aggregate Filter

  • bugfix: fix inactivity timeout feature when processing old logs (PR #103), thanks @jdratlif for his contribution!)
  • docs: fix several typos in documentation
  • docs: enhance example 4 documentation
  • ci: enhance plugin continuous integration

Cidr Filter

  • Support string arrays in network setting #21

Grok Filter

  • Fix formatting for code sample #148

Beats Input

Elasticsearch Input

  • Fixed broken link to Elasticsearch Reference #106

Exec Input

  • Docs: improved doc on memory usage #27

File Input

  • Fixed link to FAQ #247

Imap Input

  • Added facility to use IMAP uid to retrieve new mails instead of "NOT SEEN" #36

Jdbc Input

  • Add support for prepared statements #233
  • Use atomic booleam to load drivers once
  • Added support for driver loading in JDK 9+ #331

Rabbitmq_connection Mixin

  • Updated march_hare dependency to 4.x, which enables consumers to reliably manage a connection blocked/unblocked state machine that survives connection recovery.
  • Removed support for Logstash 5.x since march_hare >= 3.x is not compatible.

S3 Output

  • Added clarification for endpoint in documentation #198