Logstash 6.8.11 Release Notesedit

There are no user-facing changes in Logstash Core.

Plugin Releasesedit

Azure_event_hubs Input 1.1.2 → 1.1.4

  • Fixed missing configuration of the `max_batch_size`setting #52
  • [DOC] Added clarification for threads parameter #50

File Input 4.1.16 → 4.1.17

  • Added configuration setting check_archive_validity settings to enable gzipped files verification, issue #261
  • [DOC] Added clarification for settings available with read mode #235
  • [DOC] Rearranged text and fixed formatting for mode setting #266

Http Input 3.3.4 → 3.3.5

  • Updated jackson databind and Netty dependencies. Additionally, this release removes the dependency on tcnative
    boringssl, using JVM supplied ciphers instead. This may result in fewer ciphers being available if the JCE unlimited strength jurisdiction policy is not installed. (This policy is installed by default on versions of the JDK from u161 onwards) #126

Syslog Input 3.4.1 → 3.4.3

  • [DOC] Added expanded descriptions and requirements for facility_labels and severity_labels #52
  • Remove (deprecated) dependency on thread_safe gem
  • [DOC] Correct example for timezone option #53