Logstash 6.8.1 Release Notesedit

  • LIR support for octal literals in pipeline definitions #10828
  • Merge config values in LIR #10832


Csv Filter

  • Fix asciidoc formatting for example #73
  • Document that the autodetect_column_names and skip_header options work only when the number of Logstash pipeline workers is set to 1.

Dns Filter

  • Fixed JRuby resolver bug for versions after to #51

Jdbc_streaming Filter

  • Fixed formatting in documentation #17 and #28
  • Fixes connection leak in pipeline reloads by properly disconnecting on plugin close

Useragent Filter

  • Added support for OS regular expressions that use backreferences #59

Azure_event_hubs Input

  • Added workaround to fix errors when using this plugin with Java 11 #38
  • Updated Azure event hub library dependencies #36

Tcp Input

  • Skip empty lines while reading certificate files #144