Logstash 6.7.0 Release Notesedit

Logstash coreedit

  • ANNOUNCEMENT: Java 11 Support #10382
  • ANNOUNCEMENT: Native support for Java plugins (beta) #10378
  • BUGFIX: Fix issue setting enable_metric ⇒ false on a plugin #10553
  • BUGFIX: Allow explicitly-specified Java codecs #10520
  • Enhancement: Update to send api version 6 #10518
  • Enhancement: bump jruby to #10425
  • Cleanup: Resolve compiler and javadoc warnings #10243
  • Cleanup: Remove unused witness classes #10242
  • BUGFIX: Fix agent silent exit upon pipelines reloading #10346
  • BUGFIX: Character encoding fix #10449
  • BUGFIX: Fix crash that occurs on pipeline load and/or reload when using both the java keystore and the multi-pipeline feature, when more than one pipeline references ${}-style variables. #10408
  • BUGFIX: Synchronise control on agent webserver #10393
  • Enhancement: Rename config option .url and .ca to .hosts and .certificate_authority, support old config options and add deprecation warnings #10391
  • BUGFIX: synchronize ruby pipeline initialization to fix concurrency bug #10335


KV Filter

  • Added a timeout enforcer which prevents inputs that are pathological against the generated parser from blocking the pipeline. By default, timeout is a generous 30s, but can be configured or disabled entirely with the new timeout_millis and tag_on_timeout directives #79
  • Made error-handling configurable with tag_on_failure directive.

Mutate Filter

  • Added ability to directly convert from integer and float to boolean #127

Azure Event Hubs Input

  • Updated Azure event hub library dependencies #27

Elasticsearch Input

  • Added managed slice scrolling with slices option

HTTP Input

  • Added configurable response code option #103
  • Added explanation about operation order of codec and additional_codecs #104

TCP input

  • Fixed race condition where data would be accepted before queue was configured #142

Elasticsearch Output

  • Added auto setting for ILM #841