Logstash 6.4.1 Release Notesedit

  • Support ssl verification mode in monitoring and management (#9866).
  • Extract kibana and elasticsearch client ssl config (#9945).
  • Avoid race condition when initializing events and pipelines metrics (#9958).
  • Make worker thread names visible to OS (#9973).
  • Update logstash.bat to enable CLASSPATH with spaces (#9966).
  • Pipeline reloading breaks with PQ enabled (#9986).


CEF Codec

  • Fix bug in parsing extension values where a legal unescaped space in a field’s value could be interpreted as a field separator #54
  • Fix bug in parsing headers where certain legal escape sequences could cause non-escaped pipe characters to be ignored #55
  • Add explicit handling for extension key names that use array-like syntax that isn’t legal with the strict-mode field-reference parser (e.g., fieldname[0] becomes [fieldname][0]) #55

File Input

  • Fixed Errno::ENOENT exception in Discoverer. #204

JDBC Input

  • Added check to prevent count sql syntax errors when debug logging #294
  • Changed documentation to generalize the PATH location #297

Azure Event Hubs Input

  • Added guidelines for setting number of threads #17

HTTP Input

  • Fix expensive SslContext creation per connection #93

UDP Input

  • Fixed input workers exception handling and shutdown handling #44

Ruby Filter

  • Fixed path based scripting not calling filter\_matched #45

Mutate Filter

  • Changed documentation to clarify use of replace config option #125

Clone Filter

  • Added a warning when clones is empty since that results in a no-op #14

KV Filter

  • Fixes performance regression introduced in 4.1.0 #70

Elasticsearch Output

  • Add text offering Elasticsearch Service hosted es #792

Kafka Output

  • Fixed handling of receive buffer bytes setting #204

S3 Output

  • Fixed bucket validation failures when bucket policy requires encryption #191