Logstash 6.5.2 Release Notesedit

  • BUGFIX: setting a list config to empty array should not result in nil #10179


Fingerprint Filter

  • Fixed concurrent SHA fingerprinting by making the instances thread local

Jdbc_static Filter

  • Added info to documentation to emphasize significance of table order #36

Xml Filter

  • Fixed force_array behavior with nested elements #57

File Input

  • Fixed problem in tail and read modes where the read loop could get stuck if an IO error occurs in the loop. The file appears to be being read but it is not, suspected with file truncation schemes. #205
  • Fixed problem in rotation handling where the target file being rotated was subjected to the start_position setting when it must always start from the beginning. #214

Kafka Input

  • Changed Kafka client version to 2.0.1 #295

Snmp Input

  • Added no_codec condition to the documentation and bumped version #39
  • Changed docs to improve options layout #38

Sqs Input

  • Added support for multiple events inside same message from SQS #48

Elasticsearch Output

  • Fixed support for Elasticsearch 7.x #812
  • Tweaked logging statements to reduce verbosity
  • Fixed numerous issues relating to builds on Travis #799

Http Output

  • Fixed handling of empty retryable_codes #99

Kafka Output

  • Changed Kafka client to version 2.0.1 #209

S3 Output

  • Fixed issue where on restart, 0 byte files could erroneously be uploaded to s3 #195