Logstash 6.1.0 Release Notesedit

  • Implemented a new experimental Java execution engine for Logstash pipelines. The Java engine is off by default, but can be enabled with --experimental-java-execution (Issue 7950).
  • Added support for changing the page capacity for an existing queue (Issue 8628).
  • Made extensive improvements to pipeline execution performance and memory efficiency (Issue 7692, 8776, 8577, 8446, 8333, 8163, 8103, 8087, and 7691).

Filter Pluginsedit


  • Fixed slow metric invocation and needless locking on timeout enforcer (#125).


  • Added support for boolean-to-integer conversion (#108).


  • Fixed concurrency issues with multiple worker threads that was caused by a (JRuby issue).
  • Added file-based Ruby script support as an alternative to the existing inline option (#35).

Output Pluginsedit


  • When indexing to Elasticsearch 6.x or above, Logstash ignores the event’s type field and no longer uses it to set the document’s _type (#712).