Logstash 5.6.12 Release Notesedit

Multiline Codec

  • Fixed no method map_cleanup for nil class error when shutting down.

Rubydebug Codec

  • Fixed crash that could occur on startup if $HOME was unset or if ${HOME}/.aprc was unreadable by pinning awesome_print dependency to a release before the bug was introduced.

Clone Filter

  • Added a warning when clones is empty since that results in a no-op.

Dns Filter

  • Fixed JRuby resolver bug for versions prior to

Mutate Filter

  • Changed documentation to clarify use of replace config option

Ruby Filter

  • Fixed path based scripting not calling filter_matched

Beats Input

  • Fixed handling of batches where the sequence numbers do not start with 1

Exec Input

  • Fixed issue where certain log entries were incorrectly writing jdbc input instead of exec input

Jdbc Input

  • Changed documentation to generalize the PATH location
  • Added check to prevent count sql syntax errors when debug logging
  • Fixed crash that occurs when receiving string input that cannot be coerced to UTF-8 (such as BLOB data)
  • Swapped out mysql for postgresql for testing

S3 Input

  • Added ability to optionally include S3 object properties inside @metadata
  • Fixed error in documentation by removing illegal commas

Udp Input

  • Fixed input workers exception handling and shutdown handling

File Output

  • Fixed a bug introduced in v4.2.4 where events on low-volume pipelines could remain unflushed for long periods when flush_interval was non-zero
  • Fixed a bug where flush interval was being called for each event when enabled

Graphite Output

  • Fixed exception handling during socket writing to prevent logstash termination

S3 Output

  • Fixed bucket validation failures when bucket policy requires encryption
  • Internal: Revert rake pinning to fix upstream builds
  • Docs: Fix incorrect characterization of parameters as required in example configuration.
  • Internal: Pin rake version for jruby-1.7 compatibility