Logstash 2.4.1 Release Notesedit

  • Logstash now provides information about the error message instead of just the class name and backtrace which was missing in 2.4 (Issue 5969).

Input Pluginsedit


  • The plugin now accepts a specific host to bind to in the host config (Issue 146).
  • Fix an issue when forcing a logstash shutdown that could result in an InterruptedException (Issue 145).
  • Fix an issue when only the first CA found in the certificate authorities was taking into consideration to verify clients (Issue 153).
  • Validate the presence of ssl_certificate_authorities when verify_mode is set to FORCE_PEER or peer (Issue 155).
  • Fixed a typo in the default ciphers suite, added validations for the configured ciphers (Issue 156).

HTTP Poller:

  • Use rufus scheduler to support more flexible scheduling options to poll end-points (Issue 60).


  • Fix reconnection issues
  • Include URL of server when logging errors
  • Add warning log when connection is severed
  • Retry the connection attempt if there is an IO Exception.