Logstash 2.3.3 Release Notes

  • Fixed a bug where the dynamic config reload feature could use excessive amounts of memory, leading to a crash (Issue 5235).
  • Fixed a bug where Logstash would not stop even when KILL_ON_STOP_TIMEOUT was specified (Issue 5427).

Input Plugins


  • Changed the log level of the SSLError for the handshake from error to debug.


  • Fixed the ssl option to be boolean again (Issue 82).
  • Added a separate ssl_version parameter.
  • Marked the verify_ssl parameter as obsolete because it never worked.
  • Added better checks for SSL argument consistency.

Filter Plugins


  • Added :transform_value and :transform_key options to lowercase/uppercase or capitalize all keys/values.


  • Added a new configuration option called suppress_empty. By default the filter creates an empty hash from empty XML elements (suppress_empty => false). You can now set supress_empty => true so that the filter does not create event fields from empty XML elements.
  • Added a new configuration option called force_content. By default, the filter expands attributes differently for content in XML elements. This option allows you to force text content and attributes to always parse to a hash value.
  • Fixed a bug that ensures that a target is set when storing XML content in the event (store_xml => true).

Output Plugins


  • Added a pipeline configuration option for setting an ingest pipeline to run upon indexing.