Logstash 2.3.1 Release Notes

  • Reverted the new Java Event that shipped in 2.3.0. The new pure Java implementation of the Event class was lightning fast, but unfortunately not as compatible as we’d have liked for a minor release. In particular, it could cause problems with some custom Ruby filter scripts and custom plugins from the community. We take our commitment to compatibility, and versioning semantics, seriously. Though we have reverted to the prior Ruby Event implementation, the Java version remains the correct technical direction, and we will most likely be reintroducing it in Logstash 5.0.
  • Fixed a JRuby thread safety issue that was encountered when using regular expressions under multiple workers (Issue 4977).
  • Disabled environment variables interpolation by default. This feature is experimental in Logstash 2.3.1. To turn it on use the --allow-env flag (Issue 4958).
  • Changed the Logstash shutdown process to hide sensitive data from the log when shutting down a stale Logstash (Issue 4952).
  • Disabled the default behavior of outputting the Configuration AST when running Logstash in debug mode. Introduced the --debug-config flag to display the AST (Issue 4965).
  • Fixed an error encountered when running Logstash with the --config-test flag (Issue 4933).
  • Made filter conditionals work when running Logstash with automatic configuration reloading (Issue 4968).
  • Fixed the stop command of the Ubuntu init script (Issue 4940).

Input Plugins


  • Changed when the identity map is used. Now it’s only used when the configuration specifies the multiline codec (Issue 70).