Logstash 2.2 Release Notesedit

  • This release of Logstash includes support for offline plugin installation from storage media.
  • The jruby-openssl library version is now 0.9.13
  • The multiline filter plugin is deprecated in favor of the multiline codec plugin. Support for the multiline filter plugin will be removed completely in a future release of Logstash.
  • The http_poller plugin is now installed by default.


  • Issue 3693: The pipeline has been substantially reëngineered, adding new command line flags. Filter and output stages are now a single stage that consumes messages from an in-memory queue. This change
  • Issue 4291: Logstash can be launched from a symbolic link.
  • Issue 4321: Fixes an issue with the --configtest switch and the SysV init script.

Input Pluginsedit

file: * Issue 81: Adds the close_older configuration option to close files that remain unmodified for longer than the specified timespan in seconds. * Issue 81: Adds the ignore_older configuration option to ignore the contents of files that have remained unmodified for longer than the specified timespan in seconds.

'jdbc`: * Issue 57: Allows tracking by a column value rather than by last run time. This is a breaking change, as users may be required to change from using sql_last_start to use sql_last_value in their queries. Time-based queries require no other changes. * Issue 44: Adds an option to control lowercasing of column names.

beats: * Issue 14: Refactored beats input to fix thread synchronization issues under high data volume.

kafka: * Issue 59: Fixes a CPU load issue when no new messages are available in the Kafka broker.

http: * Issue 33: Adds support for compressed and gzip POST requests.

Filter Pluginsedit

multiline: This filter is now deprecated. Use the multiline codec plugin instead.

date: * Issue 23: The timezone setting now supports the sprintf format. * Issue 33: Improves handling for new year rollovers when the year is not present in the time format. When the local timestamp is December and the event time is January, the year is set to the following year. When the local time is January and the event time is December, the year is set to the previous year.

Output Pluginsedit

elasticsearch: * Issue 4433: Node protocol is now discouraged and will not be actively maintained. Use the http or transport protocols instead. * Issue 235: Adds scripted update support. * Issue 321: Changes retry behavior. "Too busy" and "service unavailable" errors from ES are retried indefinitely. Conflict errors are neve retried.

file: * Issue 18 Adds configuration setting to set directory and file permission.

Codec Pluginsedit

multiline: * Issue 18: Adds the auto_flush configuration option, with no default. Auto flushes are not performed if the value of auto_flush is not true. This feature flushes events buffered as part of a multiline event when used with the file input plugin, for example.