Swimlane connector and actionedit

The Swimlane connector uses the Swimlane REST API to create Swimlane records.

Create connectors in Kibanaedit

You can create connectors in Stack Management > Connectors or as needed when you’re creating a rule. For example:

Swimlane connector
Connector configurationedit

Swimlane connectors have the following configuration properties:

The name of the connector.
Swimlane instance URL.
Application ID
Swimlane application ID.
API token
Swimlane API authentication token for HTTP basic authentication.

Test connectorsedit

You can test connectors with the run connector API or as you’re creating or editing the connector in Kibana. For example:

Swimlane params test

Swimlane actions have the following configuration properties.

Additional information for the client, such as how to troubleshoot the issue.
The severity of the incident.

Alert ID and Rule Name are filled automatically. Specifically, Alert ID is set to {{alert.id}} and Rule Name to {{rule.name}}.