Upgrade Assistantedit

The Upgrade Assistant helps you prepare for your upgrade to the next version of the Elastic Stack. To access the assistant, go to Stack Management > Upgrade Assistant.

The assistant identifies deprecated settings in your configuration and guides you through the process of resolving issues if any deprecated features are enabled.

Required permissionsedit

The manage cluster privilege is required to access the Upgrade assistant. Additional privileges may be needed to perform certain actions.

Feature setedit

Some features of the Upgrade assistant are only needed when upgrading to a new major version. The feature set enabled by default are those for the very next version from the one Kibana currently runs on.


The Upgrade assistant pulls information about deprecations from the following sources:

  • Elasticsearch Deprecation Info API
  • Elasticsearch deprecation logs
  • Kibana deprecations API

For more information about Upgrade Assistant APIs, refer to Upgrade Assistant APIs.