Server log connector and actionedit

A server log connector writes an entry to the Kibana server log.

You can create a server log connectors in Kibana or by using the create connector API. If you are running Kibana on-prem, you can also create preconfigured server log connectors.

Create connectors in Kibanaedit

You can create connectors in Stack Management > Connectors or as needed when you’re creating a rule. For example:

Server log connector
Connector configurationedit

Server log connectors do not have any configuration properties other than a name.

Create preconfigured connectorsedit

If you are running Kibana on-prem, you can define connectors by adding xpack.actions.preconfigured settings to your kibana.yml file. For example:

    name: preconfigured-server-log-connector-type
    actionTypeId: .server-log

For more information, go to Preconfigured connectors.

Test connectorsedit

You can test connectors with the run connector API or as you’re creating or editing the connector in Kibana. For example:

Server log connector test

Server log connector actions contain a message and a log level, which defaults to info. Valid log level values are trace, debug, info, warn, error, and fatal.