Kibana 8.8.2edit

Review the following information about the Kibana 8.8.2 release.

Known issuesedit

Kibana can run out of memory during an upgrade when there are many Fleet agent policies.

Due to a schema version update, during Fleet setup in 8.8.x, all agent policies are being queried and deployed. This action triggers a lot of queries to the Elastic Package Registry (EPR) to fetch integration packages. As a result, there is an increase in Kibana’s resident memory usage (RSS).

Because the default batch size of 100 for schema version upgrade of Fleet agent policies is too high, this can cause Kibana to run out of memory during an upgrade. For example, we have observed 1GB Kibana instances run out of memory during an upgrade when there were 20 agent policies with 5 integrations in each.

Two workaround options are available:

  • Increase the Kibana instance size to 2GB. So far, we are not able to reproduce the issue with 2GB instances.
  • Set xpack.fleet.setup.agentPolicySchemaUpgradeBatchSize to 2 in the kibana.yml and restart the Kibana instance(s).

In 8.9.0, we are addressing this by changing the default batch size to 2.

Bug fixesedit

  • Fixes the latency graph displaying all service transactions, rather than the selected one, on the transaction detail page #159085
  • Fixes styling of top nav bar #159754
  • Fixes alias redirect and update error handling #159742
  • Fixes time range regression #159337
Elastic Security
For the Elastic Security 8.8.2 release information, refer to Elastic Security Solution Release Notes.
Enterprise Search
For the Elastic Enterprise Search 8.8.2 release information, refer to Elastic Enterprise Search Documentation Release notes.
  • Fixes usage of AsyncLocalStorage for audit log #159807
  • Fixing issue of returning output API key #159179
  • Fixes log categorization UI failure due to an infinite loop #159090
Machine Learning
  • Hiding pattern analysis button for non-time series data #160051
  • Fixes blocking forced downgrades/installation if indices can’t be deleted #159814
  • Fixes layer group loading indicator always on when group has non-visible layer #159517
  • Fixes geo line source not loading unless the Maps application is open #159432
  • Fixes Maps orphan sources on layer deletion #159067
  • Permanently hide the telemetry notice on dismissal #159893
  • Handle buildEsQuery error (such as leading wildcard) in status change #159891
  • Fixes global search crash on missing tag #159196
  • Fixes a regression where the "saved_object_resolve" audit action was not being logged per object #160014
  • Ensures that users can configure custom Content-Type headers for HTTP monitors in the Synthetics app #159737
  • Fixes an issue where alerting on Synthetics monitors was sometimes delayed #159511