Enhancements and bug fixes


Enhancements and bug fixesedit

For detailed information about the 8.9.0 release, review the enhancements and bug fixes.


  • Adds a Mustache lambda for alerting actions to format numbers with {{#FormatNumber}} using Intl.NumberFormat #159644
  • Removes bulk snoozing of rules in Select All mode #159749
  • Adds refresh button to maintenance windows list #159618
  • Adds the feature for a Slack API to have allowed list on channels #159534
  • Integrate Conditional Actions with several Observability rule types #159522
  • Adds AAD Fields API #158516
  • Adds API to retrieve the fieldsForAAD from a given rule type #158516
  • Improves the performance of clearing expired snooze schedules #157909
  • Ensure Saved Objects are versionable #159881
  • Adds active alerts column for transaction group table #159552
  • Adds an OpenAI integration #158678
  • Adds Storage explorer improvements #157303
  • Adds logic to replace transaction histogram with summary for backwards compatibility #155714
  • Adds design enhancements to the clone experience in Dashboards #159752
  • Adds enhancements to the empty state screen in Dashboards #158496
  • Adds a query DSL documentation link to filters UI #156543
  • Adds a counter displaying the min/max values of the time series counter field in the field popover #155499
  • Adds the ability for Controls to recover from non-fatal error state #158087
  • Updates Discover sharing capabilities to enable sharing a link when using temporary data views #154947
Elastic Security
For the Elastic Security 8.9.0 release information, refer to Elastic Security Solution Release Notes.
Enterprise Search
For the Elastic Enterprise Search 8.9.0 release information, refer to Elastic Enterprise Search Documentation Release notes.
  • Adds agent integration health reporting in the Fleet UI #158826
Lens & Visualizations
  • Adds feature to ignore global filters at layer level in Lens #159248
  • Adds significant terms support as ranking function in Top Values in lens #158962
  • Adds support for curved, linear and stepped lines in Lens #158896
  • Allow wildcard searching in options list #158427
  • Adds tag cloud to Lens #157751
Machine Learning
  • Data Frame Analytics: Allow interval time range selection in custom URLs #159874
  • Increase limit of anomaly charts to max of 50 #159816
  • Enable auto-complete on filter by influencer search box on anomaly explorer page #159739
  • Moves import buttons in file data visualizer #159722
  • Explain Log Rate Spikes: Adds secondary sort by doc_count only if sorted by p-value #159568
  • Adds hyperlink to anomaly explorer for job from anomaly layer in maps #159268
  • Support pipelines deletion and force flag for delete action #158671
  • Use auto layout for anomalies table columns #157687
  • Versioning all ML APIs #156949
  • Transforms: Adds extra checkpoint stats to details tab #157287
  • Adds in-product docs for cross cluster search index pattern input #156155
  • Adds a new layer wizard for the spatial join option #156618
  • Adds copilot to hosts process #159413
  • Adds TLS Certificates page copied from Uptime, which only displays certificates from the synthetics application #159541
  • Adds creating, editing, deleting monitors in private locations, which no longer requires all permissions in feet. You will only need synthetics write permissions. #159378
  • Adds burn rate windows to SLO detail page #159750
  • Adds Normalize by time and scale factor on Diff TopN functions page #159394
  • Adds a severity label to SLO burn rate rule reason message #158954
  • Adds Copy JSON button to Clipboard for SLO form #157902
  • Adds Custom Metric SLI #157421
  • Adds Data Views to index pattern selector #158033
  • The savedObjects export API now supports exporting all types using the * wildcard. Please refer to the documentation #159289
  • Hide create spaces button when limit is reached #159102
  • Adds the option to send an HTML email instead of a plaintext email to users when assigned to a case #159335
  • Implement standard time formatting #143799
  • Adds a new field, called category, to categorize cases. Users can create a new category, set or select an existing one on a case, and filter by multiple categories on the cases table. #159890

Bug fixesedit

  • Fixes containment boundaries not being re-fetched when a query changes #157408
  • Fixes the charts on Log threshold breached details page #160321
  • Fixes infinite loading of APM alert table #161134
  • Fixes other bucket message and sorting #159919
  • Fixes percentiles for service transaction metrics #158913
  • Fixes stack trace on errors when only available as plain text #156831
  • Fixes a bug in the alerts table where you cannot create a new case when attaching alerts to a case from the cases modal #160526
  • Fixes an issue where the following special characters could not be included in the case tags: \():<>"* because it resulted in a bug where the case would not be displayed in the cases table when filtered for those tags. These characters are now handled correctly and the cases will be shown in the table. #159815
  • Fixes an issue where a Dashboard redirect alias displayed a blank screen instead of redirecting properly #161043
  • Fixes an issue where the time slider would override custom time ranges #160938
  • Fixes an issue where if the Reset button is clicked after changing the Title or Description in Panel settings before clicking Save, the Title or Description would revert to previous values #159430
  • Fixes dashboard reset when initial state has no controls #159404
  • Accessibility: Make links on job validation step distinguished from surrounding text #160608
  • Fixes the range slider rendering issues and performance improvements #159271
  • Fixes refresh fields when entering Discover #160195
Elastic Security
For the Elastic Security 8.9.0 release information, refer to Elastic Security Solution Release Notes.
Enterprise Search
For the Elastic Enterprise Search 8.9.0 release information, refer to Elastic Enterprise Search Documentation Release notes.
  • Fixes bug that prevented index.mapping settings to be propagated into component templates from default settings #157289
Lens & Visualizations
  • Fixes missing datasource migration sometimes failing to run in Lens #160129
  • Removes wrong padding on the dashboard in Lens #159992
  • Fixes counter fields being used with Top values in Lens #159709
  • Fixes dimension labels being partially translated on language change in Lens #159089
  • Fixes the threshold visibility rendering in XY charts #158917
  • Fixes a tag cloud warning about container being too small that never disappears #159611
  • Default format in Lens will apply dataView field format as usual now in new Metric visualization #158468
  • Fixes the handling of partition chart empty slices in Lens #158346
  • Make reference lines use the correct formatter when configured in Lens #158266
  • Fixes an issue where dropping a date field into a XY visualization with multiple mixed layers resets the chart type of all layers in Lens #157871
  • Fixes an issue where incompatible actions were visible from the panels #156667
Machine Learning
  • Fixing time range selector in recognizer wizard #160910
  • Fixes Anomaly Explorer URL for alerting context with non-default space #160899
  • Hide inference stats for PyTorch models #160599
  • Outlier detection results: ensure feature influence color persists on column position change #160470
  • Anomaly detection: fixes time format used in query for datafeed chart #160325
  • Hide cache_miss_count for PyTorch models #160265
  • Fixes time range in link to data visualizer after file upload #160189
  • Fixes links to dashboards in Lens created anomaly detection jobs #160156
  • Adds warning to log pattern analysis page if data view is not time based #160021
  • Fixes creation and editing of composite runtime fields with dots in the names #160458
  • Fixes decreasing network delays when cross cluster search is running by sending ccs_minimize_roundtrips=true for async search requests #159848
  • Fixes max page search size limit for Transforms #159052
  • Fixes issue with single value for fields parameters #157930
  • Fixes data view timestamp validation #150398
  • Fixes theming for search sessions management #160182
  • Fixes geojson layer with joins and no left source matches stuck in loading state #160222
  • Fixes size legend not indicating when min/max clamped by standard deviation range #156927
  • Fixes metric_explorer flaky testhttps://github.com/elastic/kibana/pull/157194[#157194]
  • Fixes Elasticsearch snapshot startup for parameters with dots in their path #161022
  • Fixes theming for error toast messages #160219
  • Fixes a bug that could cause old Kibana deployments to loose their uiSettings after an upgrade #159649
  • Fixes the handling of non-existing objects in _copy_saved_objects API call #158036
  • Fixes theming of CodeEditors #159638
  • Update session viewer Policy permissions to use Policy specific check #160448
  • Fixes an issue when opening an endpoint exception from the Alert’s summary flyout actions button, the exception did not auto-populate #159908
  • Fixes parsing of response check on JSON expressions #161634
  • Fixes an API error stating no key exists when a user was visiting the getting started page or tried to add monitor view by enabling synthetics #160360
  • Fixes copy on private locations popover #159740