Kibana 8.12.0edit

For information about the Kibana 8.12.0 release, review the following information.

Known issuesedit

Index templates UI incorrectly sets the allow_auto_create field to false by default.

If you are creating or editing an index template using the Index Templates form under the Index Management page, the allow_auto_create field is incorrectly set to false by default (the default value should be undefined). For more information, refer to (#177938).

Breaking changesedit

Breaking changes can prevent your application from optimal operation and performance. Before you upgrade to 8.12.0, review the breaking changes, then mitigate the impact to your application.

New SLO architecture

We introduce a breaking change in the SLO features that will break any SLOs created before 8.12. These SLOs have to be manually reset through an API until we provide a UI for it. The data aggregated over time (rollup) is still available in the sli v2 index, but won’t be used for summary calculation when reset.

The previous summary transforms summarizing every SLOs won’t be used anymore and can be stopped and deleted:

  • slo-summary-occurrences-7d-rolling
  • slo-summary-occurrences-30d-rolling
  • slo-summary-occurrences-90d-rolling
  • slo-summary-occurrences-monthly-aligned
  • slo-summary-occurrences-weekly-aligned
  • slo-summary-timeslices-7d-rolling
  • slo-summary-timeslices-30d-rolling
  • slo-summary-timeslices-90d-rolling
  • slo-summary-timeslices-monthly-aligned
  • slo-summary-timeslices-weekly-aligned

Be aware that when installing a new SLO (or after resetting an SLO), we install two transforms (one for the rollup data and one that summarize the rollup data). Do not delete the new slo-summary-{slo_id}-{slo_revision} transforms. For more information, refer to (#172224).

A new sub-feature privilege to control user access to the cases settings

Roles with at least a sub-feature privilege configured will not have access to the cases setting like they had previously. All roles without a sub-feature privilege configured will not be affected. For more information, refer to (#170635).


Kibana 8.12.0 adds the following new and notable features.

  • Adds viewInApp URL to the custom threshold rule type (#171985).
  • Adds back the mobile crashes & errors tab (#165892).
  • The case list filter bar is now customizable, filters are removable and custom fields can be used as filters (#172276).
Elastic Security
For the Elastic Security 8.12.0 release information, refer to Elastic Security Solution Release Notes.
Elastic Search
  • Display E5 multilingual callout (#171887).
  • Replace model selection dropdown with list (#171436).
  • Adds support for preconfigured output secrets (Scrypt edition) (#172041).
  • Adds UI components to create and edit output secrets (#169429).
  • Adds support for remote ES output (#169252).
  • Adds the ability to specify secrets in outputs (#169221).
  • Adds an integrations configs tab to display input templates (#168827).
  • Adds a Kibana task to publish Agent metrics (#168435).
Lens & Visualizations
  • Adds the ability to edit charts made by ES|QL queries in Dashboard (#169911).
Machine Learning
  • Adds E5 model configurations (#172053).
  • Adds the ability to create a categorization anomaly detection job from pattern analysis (#170567).
  • Adds and displays alerts data in the Anomaly Explorer (#167998).
  • Adds logic to update flyout highlights (#172193).
  • Adds logic to display highlights in the flyout (#170650).
  • Changes the Custom threshold title to Beta (#172360).
  • Disables the connector parameters field (#173610).
  • Adds a risk engine missing privileges callout (#171250).
  • Asset criticality privileges API (#172441).
  • Global params Public APIs (#169669).
  • Private location public API’s (#169376).
  • Settings public API (#163400).

For more information about the features introduced in 8.12.0, refer to What’s new in 8.12.