Enhancements and bug fixes


Enhancements and bug fixesedit

For detailed information about the 8.12.0 release, review the enhancements and bug fixes.


  • Auto close ServiceNow incidents when alerts are resolved (#171760).
  • PagerDuty connector now supports the links and custom_details attributes (#171748).
  • Adds a mute and unmute action component in the alerts table row actions (#170651).
  • Extends the PagerDuty connector API to support the links and custom_details attributes provided by the Event API (#170459).
  • Adds toggle for alert as data fields in alert templating (#170162).
  • Perform functions and LLM interactions on the server (#172590).
  • Adds viewInApp URL to the custom threshold rule type (#171985).
  • Adds the KQL bar to embeddables (#171016).
  • Enables the average mobile app launch time panel (#170773).
  • Enables the mobile most launches panel (#168925).
  • Improves the Differential Top N functions grid view (#170008).
  • Users can copy to the clipboard the hashes of files uploaded to cases (#172450).
  • Allow users to configure which columns are displayed in the cases list including custom fields (#170950).
  • Adds a new sub-feature privilege to control user access to the cases settings (#170635).
  • Adds Links to the Visualization library (#170810).
  • Adds a field tokens column in the grid header (#167179).
  • Enables the addition of columns from the document viewer when using ES|QL (#171083).
  • Adds field search via wildcards in the document viewer (#168616).
  • Improves search for field names by handling spaces like wildcards (#168381).
  • Updates mapping conflict popover with types list (#169855).
  • On search source error, show view details action that opens request in inspector (#170790).
  • Adds an Unsaved changes label when in an unsaved state of saved search (#169548).
  • Allows changing the current sample size and saving it with a saved search (#157269).
  • Adds new sparse vector and dense vector icons (#169493).
  • Adds sparse_vector field support (#168186).
Elastic Security
For the Elastic Security 8.12.0 release information, refer to Elastic Security Solution Release Notes.
Elastic Search
  • Trained models can now be deployed and started directly from the Machine Learning inference pipeline configuration flyout (#173434).
  • Adds support for Elasticsearch output performance presets (#172359).
  • Adds a new keep_monitoring_alive flag to agent policies (#168865).
  • Adds support for additional types for dynamic mappings (#168842).
  • Implements Elastic Agent upgrade states UI (#167539).
  • Use default component templates from Elasticsearch (#163731).
Lens & Visualizations
  • Moves the tagcloud visualization in Lens out of experimental status (#168824).
  • Allows coloring an entire metric panel when applying a maximum value to the metric visualization in Lens (#172531).
  • Adds truncation for data view pickers and field lists with many characters (#172296).
  • Allows searching in the ES|QL inline documentation description (#171916).
  • Allows setting non-numeric metrics for metric visualizations in Lens (#169258).
Machine Learning
  • Removes the beta badge from ML alerting rules (#173545).
  • Removes the technical preview badge from AIOps log rate analysis (#172722).
  • Adds anomaly description as an alert message for the anomaly detection rule type (#172473).
  • Adds a sampled percentage of documents, and cardinality, for text fields for the Data Visualizer Field statistics tab and addresses an issue with a missing bucket in the document count chart (#172378).
  • Adds option to display an overlay chart on the data drift expanded row (#172239).
  • AIOps: Shows top N results when no documents are in baseline or deviation in log rate analysis(#171924).
  • AIOps: Adds support to restore baseline and deviation from URL state on page refresh for log rate analysis (#171398).
  • Validates and limits threading parameters for starting a model deployment (#171921).
  • Trained models: Adds a missing job node to models map view when original job has been deleted (#171590).
  • Trained models list: Disables the View training data action if data frame analytics job no longer exists (#171061).
  • Adds a trained model flyout with available models to download for in the Trained Models UI (#171024).
  • Allows temporary data views in the anomaly detection jobs wizards (#170112).
  • Assigns downloaded ELSER models to the * space (#169939).
  • Adds pattern analysis to the anomaly action menu (#169400).
  • Adds test pipeline action for data frame analysis trained models in models list (#168400).
  • Adds a search bar to the Clusters and shards tab (#171806).
  • Aligns data view and destination index creation workflows in Transforms and Data Frame Analytics wizards (#171202).
  • The index lifecycle summary on the Index lifecycle page is now displayed in a separate tab (#170726).
  • Adds the ability to view mappings conflicts in data views on the data view management page (#169381).
  • Implements index overview cards (#168153).
  • Reset UI for updating outdated SLOs (#172883).
  • Adds timeslice metric indicator for SLOs (#168539).
  • Adds logic to update flyout highlights (#172193).
  • Sets budget consumed mode as the default mode for burn rate rule configuration (#171433).
  • Allow users to define burn rate windows using budget consumed (#170996).
  • Makes rules created in Discover visible in Observability (#171364).
  • Adds support for document count to custom metric indicator (#170913).
  • Improves displaying inline frames (#169212).
  • Adds summary insight to the Differential flamegraph (#168978).
  • Include search-* when recalling documents (#173710).
  • Limits elasticsearch.maxSockets to 800 by default (#151911).
  • Adds popover message in the control title (#172094).
  • Displays incomplete results warning in layer legend (#171144).
  • Updates incomplete data messaging (#169578).
  • Makes searches used for CSV export inspectable (#171248).
  • Adds max_concurrent_shards setting to schema for the point in time CSV report generation (#170344).
  • The default value of the elasticsearch.requestHeadersWhitelist configuration option has been expanded to include the es-client-authentication HTTP header, in addition to authorization (#172444).
  • Adds risk engine missing privileges callout (#171250).
  • Implements Asset Criticality Create, Read & Delete APIs (#172073).

Bug Fixesedit

  • Fixes the alert details page search bar not considering Query configurations in the Kibana advanced settings (#172498).
  • Fixes adding evaluation threshold to alert payload for ES query rule (#171571).
  • Hides the Logs tab in Rules page to unauthorized users (#171417).
  • Fixes hyperlinks in Slack messages being broken when there is "_" or "*" in the URL (#170067).
  • Removes usage of internal client when fetching agent configuration etags metrics (#173001).
  • Fixes encoding custom links values (#171032).
  • Fixes an issue where data views were previously not space aware (#170857).
  • Fixes issue with onboarding page around java agent (#168816).
  • Adds a data tier filter to the /has_data API (#173382).
  • Fixes a bug that prevented users with read permission from being assigned to cases (#172047).
  • Prevents unnecessary loss of dashboard unsaved state (#167707).
  • Fixes escaping column names when copying (#170997).
  • Discover sharing links now preserve customized column widths (#172405).
  • Fixes displaying the columns as they are returned from the query (#171874).
  • Fixes issue with defaultColumns when changing data views (#168994).
Elastic Security
For the Elastic Security 8.12.0 release information, refer to Elastic Security Solution Release Notes.
  • Allows agent upgrades if patch version is higher than Kibana (#173167).
  • Fixes secrets with dot-separated variable names (#173115).
  • Fixes endpoint privilege management endpoints return errors (#171722).
  • Fixes expiration time for immediate bulk upgrades being too short (#170879).
  • Fixes incorrect overwrite of logs-* and metrics-* data views on every integration install (#170188).
  • Creates intermediate objects when using dynamic mappings (#169981).
Lens & Visualizations
  • Fixes the sorting of null values so they are displayed last (#172691).
  • Fixes the overwriting of chart descriptions after editing a visualization in Lens (#172653).
  • Fixes an issue where the timerange panel wasn’t correctly assigned during a conversion from dashboard to Lens (#172647).
  • Various fixes for heatmap in Lens (#172602).
  • Fixes filters being lost when navigating from dashboard → editor → Lens in TSVB (#172566).
  • Ignore drop ES|QL commands for date histogram in discover (#171769).
Machine Learning
  • Ensures data frame analytics job can be deleted from analytics map (#174212).
  • Fixes filter for boolean fields filtering for numbers in Field statistics / Data Visualizer (#174050)
  • Fixes registering of the ML alerting rules with the basic license (#173644).
  • Fixes display of actions column in the datafeed chart flyout (#173365).
  • Fixes View in Discover option in Anomaly explorer not handling multiple field values or values with quotation marks (#172897).
  • Fixes field stats in Discover showing 0 sample count at times when switching data views (#172734).
  • Fixes long field names overflowing in Anomaly detection wizard detector selection (#172715).
  • Fixes data drift numeric fields not showing correctly (#172504).
  • Fixes Data Visualizer / ML field stats and Data Frame Analytics to exclude _tier fields (#172223).
  • Uses standard analyzer in log pattern analysis to ensure filter in Discover matches correct documents (#172188).
  • Fixes ML node check and checks user privileges to create job button in dashboard (#172022).
  • Fixes Kibana object list in new job from recognized index page (#171935).
  • Fixes retention policy field name not setting by default correctly in the Transform creation wizard (#172609).
  • Moves formulas and dashboard config to inventory models (#171872).
  • Fixes a bug that could cause the rollingFile log appender to not properly rotate files on DST switch days (#173811).
  • Fixes context formula functions (#172710).
  • Removes legacy screenshot image data from the codepath in Synthetics (#172684).
  • Fixes incorrect rule parameters when changing aggregation type using a custom equation (#171958).
  • Adds parent link in host detail’s breadcrumb (#170792).
  • Fixes validation query for nested fields (#173690).
  • Fixes user privileges around Links panels saved to the library (#173332).
  • Prevents overflowing dashboard title on saved toast notifications (#172620).
  • Ignore indices without geometry field in vector tile requests (#171472).
  • Fixes layer displaying no data instead of error (#170084).