Create filters from a mapedit

You can create two types of filters by interacting with your map:

create spatial filter

Spatial filtersedit

A spatial filter narrows search results to documents that either intersect with, are within, or do not intersect with the specified geometry.

You can create spatial filters in two ways:

  • Click the tool icon tools icon, and then draw a shape, bounding box, or distance on the map to define the spatial filter.
  • Click Filter by geometry in a locked tooltip, and then use the feature’s geometry for the spatial filter.

Spatial filters have the following properties:

  • Geometry label enables you to provide a meaningful name for your spatial filter.
  • Spatial field specifies the geo_point or geo_shape field used to determine if a document matches the spatial relation with the specified geometry.
  • Spatial relation determines the spatial relation operator to use at search time.
  • Action specifies whether to apply the filter to the current view or to a drilldown action. Only available when the map is a panel in a dashboard with drilldowns.

Phrase filtersedit

A phrase filter narrows search results to documents that contain the specified text. You can create a phrase filter by clicking the plus icon gs plus icon in a locked tooltip. If the map is a dashboard panel with drilldowns, you can apply a phrase filter to a drilldown by selecting the drilldown action.