Enhancements and bug fixes

Enhancements and bug fixesedit

For detailed information about the 8.8.0 release, review the enhancements and bug fixes.


  • Adds the ability to predefine IDs when you create connectors #155392
  • Adds the ability to allow the footer added to emails sent from Kibana alerting rules to NOT be added #154919
  • Adds conditional actions UI for timeframe #153944
  • Adds a single view in the app function for rule actions variables and UI page #148671
  • Adds error grouping key filter in error count rule type #155410
  • Adds transaction name filter in failed transaction rate rule type #155405
  • Replaces most used charts with the Lens embeddable #155026
  • Adds transaction name filter in latency threshold rule #154241
  • Adds Unified Search for APM #153842
  • Adds migratation for the remaining tx-based visualizations #153375
  • Adds migration for the tx latency chart and group stats to rollups/service metrics #153162
  • Disables agent configuration creation for opentelemetry agents #150697
  • Adds the ability to set a new connector to default #151884
  • Improves the design of the description markdown editor on the Cases page #155151
  • Adds support to Dashboard for searching saved objects by tags #154946
  • Adds reset button #154872
  • Adds unified dashboard settings #153862
  • Adds the ability to scroll to a new panel #152056
  • Adds the ability to allow wildcards in field search #155540
  • Adds a loading indicator during Discover table updates #155505
  • Adds drag & drop capabilities for adding columns to the table #153538
  • Adds a progress indicator when a saved search embeddable is updating #152342
  • Adds inline data fetching errors #152311
  • Adds a loading indicator for the classic table embeddable #152072
  • Adds the ability to suppress "Missing index" toasts #149625
Elastic Security
For the Elastic Security 8.8.0 release information, refer to Elastic Security Solution Release Notes.
Enterprise Search
For the Elastic Enterprise Search 8.8.0 release information, refer to Elastic Enterprise Search Documentation Release notes.
  • Adds support for fields of type aggregate_metric_double #154920
  • Adds overview dashboards in fleet #154914
  • Adds raw status to Agent details UI #154826
  • Adds support for dynamic_namespace and dynamic_dataset #154732
  • Adds the ability to show pipelines and mappings editor for input packages #154077
  • Adds placeholder to integration select field #153927
  • Adds the ability to show integration subcategories #153591
  • Adds the ability to create and update the package policy API return 409 conflict when names are not unique #153533
  • Adds the ability to display policy changes in Agent activity #153237
  • Adds the ability to display errors in Agent activity with link to Logs #152583
  • Adds support for select type in integrations #152550
  • Adds the ability to make spaces plugin optional #152115
  • Adds proxy ssl key and certificate to agent policy #152005
  • Adds _meta field has_experimental_data_stream_indexing_features #151853
  • Adds the ability to create templates and pipelines when updating package of a single package policy from type integration to input #150199
  • Adds user’s secondary authorization to Transforms #154665
Adds Memory Available Graph To Hosts View #151863
Lens & Visualizations
  • Adds the ability to sync the partition legend order with the filters order in Lens #154820
  • Adds support for icons in the new Lens metric #154210
  • Adds the ability to share with reports in Lens #153429
  • Adds show and hide heatmap ticks in Lens #153425
  • Adds the ability to remove empty headers when there is no x-axis in Lens #153420
  • Adds improvements to the Metric formatter to support bit format in Lens #153389
  • Adds the ability to prevent default behaviour from action callback in Lens #152842
  • Adds Random Sampling to Lens #151749
Machine Learning
  • Data Frame Analytics creation wizard: add ability to add time field to result data view #155669
  • Display info when no datafeed preview results are found #155650
  • Adding ignore unavailable indices option to anomaly detection job wizards #155527
  • Support multiple model deployments #155375
  • Uses two weeks before now for default start time in job start date picker #155312
  • AIOps: Adds filter action for the Change point detection results #155256
  • Adds search links for AIOps Labs pages #155202
  • AIOps: Adds field stats for metric and split fields #155177
  • AIOps: Link from Explain Log Rate Spikes to Log Pattern Analysis #155121
  • Explain Log Rate Spikes: adds popover to analysis table for viewing other field values #154689
  • Explain Log Rate Spikes: Makes use of random sampling for overall histogram chart #154520
  • Explain Log Rate Spikes: Adds table action to copy filter to clipboard #154311
  • Change point detection: support for multiple metric and split fields #154237
  • Enhances support for counter fields in data visualizer / field statistics #153893
  • Custom sorting by message level on Notifications page #153462
  • Adds log pattern analysis in Discover #153449
  • Explain Log Rate Spikes: Improves grouping using the include option of the frequent_item_sets agg #153091
  • Data Frame Analytics exploration: adds actions column with link to discover #151482
  • Allows row expansion for blocked anomaly detection jobs #151351
  • Enhances job and datafeed config editors in the Advanced anomaly detection job wizard to provide suggestions and documentation #146968
  • Adds timezone support for Transforms date histogram pivot configuration #155535
  • Adds more system indices to store internal data when you upgrade to 8.8.0 #154888
  • Adds improvements for supporting counter fields in Transforms #154171
  • Adds _schedule_now action to transform list #153545
  • Adds link to Discover from Index Management so users can directly look at documents of their indices #152640
  • Adds health information for alerting rule in Transformshttps://github.com/elastic/kibana/pull/152561[#152561]
  • Adds improvements for index pattern input in the data view flyout #152138
  • Adds a new description for the metadata field in ingest pipelines #150935
  • Adds a _meta field to the Ingest pipelines form #149976
  • Adds option to Reauthorize transform on Management page #154736
Adds metrics mask #154983
  • Adds invalid license page #154866
  • Adds empty state page links #154678
  • Adds upload symbols instructions to add data page #154670
  • Adds new CPU incl and CPU excl names #154560
  • Adds symbols callout on frame information window #154478
  • Adds Co2 and dollar cost columns and show more information action to functions table #154097
  • Adds improvements to functions #153873
  • Adds improvements to Flamegraph #153598
  • Adds the ability to open the Traces view when you click on a series in stacked charts #153325
  • Adds CPU usage column to replace CPU count column #151696
Querying & Filtering
  • Adds the ability to avoid duplicate host IP mapping #155353
  • Adds improvements to the saved query terminology #154517

Bug fixesedit

  • Fixes Delete Schedule button padding issue #154503
  • Fixes error message flash and throttle value reset #154497
  • Fixes broken custom snooze recurrences with monthly frequency #154251
  • Fixes an issue where you were unable to use retry on updateAPIKey conflict #151802
  • Fixes an issue where you were uneable to enable framework alerts as data by default #154076
  • Upgraded EUI to v76.0.0 #152506
  • Fixes an issue where the OpenTelemetry process and system metrics were unsupported #151826
Fixes createElement callback #154398
Fixes the Lens visualization in the comment and description markdown on the New Case page #155897
  • Fixes unsaved changes bug on empty dashboard #155648
  • Removed Reload on Clone and Replace Panel #155561
  • Fixes z index of toolbar items #154501
  • Fixes inherited input race condition #154293
  • Fixes Changing label of a geospatial filter causes filter disappear from map #154087
  • Adds a "Temporary" badge for temporary data views in the Alerts flyout #155717
  • Adds the ability to exclude counter fields from Breakdown options #155532
  • Adds the ability to skip requests for the time series metric counter field #154319
  • Fixes KQL autocomplete suggestions, which now support IP-type fields when the `autocomplete:valueSuggestionMethod advanced setting is set to terms_enum #154111
  • Fixes an issue where saved search "Manage searches" button was unable to apply the "search" type filter #152565
Elastic Security
For the Elastic Security 8.8.0 release information, refer to Elastic Security Solution Release Notes.
Enterprise Search
For the Elastic Enterprise Search 8.8.0 release information, refer to Elastic Enterprise Search Documentation Release notes.
  • Fixes package license check to use new conditions.elastic.subscription field #154831
  • Fixes the OpenAPI spec from /agent/upload to /agent/uploads for Agent uploads API #151722
Adds a 404 page for metrics and logs #153005
Fixes the slow process event for queries + xterm.js #155326
Kibana Home & Add Data
Fixes the guided onboarding API prefix to indicate that it’s intended for internal use #155643
Lens & Visualizations
  • Adds a default label on field changes for counter rate in Lens #155509
  • Panel titles and descriptions are now transferred to the converted Lens panels in TSVB #154713
  • Adds the ability to use the empty label for / terms in TSVB #154647
  • Fixes the formatting for the legend actions title #153747
  • Adds support for negative filter ratios in TSVB #152053
  • Adds the ability to always retain source order for multi-metric partition chart layers in Lens #151949
Machine Learning
  • Data Frame Analytics/Anomaly Detection: Custom URLs - entity dropdown reflects Data View update #155096
  • AIOps: Fix race condition where stale url state would reset search bar #154885
  • Fixes anomalies table drilldown time range for longer bucket spans #153678
  • Do not match time series counter fields with aggs in wizards #153021
  • Anomaly Detection datafeed chart: ensure chart y axis minimum set correctly #152051
  • Improves the display when there are many columns #155119
  • Fixes stale submit handler ref update #154242
  • Fixes terms aggregation support in wizard for Transforms #151879
  • Fixes an issue where you were unable to accept additional dynamic field values for an index template #150543
  • Fixes raster layer is missing in pdf/png exports #154686
  • Fixes RegionMap chart type does not work with reporting #153492
  • Fixes layers are not displayed in offline environment and map.includeElasticMapsService not set to false #152396
Removes usage for the stats endpoint #151082
  • Adds space-specific feature privileges #154734
  • Adds the ability to properly handle NO DATA with multiple conditions with a mix of aggregations and document count thresholds #154690
  • Adds additional types to the fields to be use with cardinality aggregation for Metric Threshold Rule #154197
  • Adds persistent normalization mode #153116
  • Fixes refresh every in the alert search bar #152246
Fixes badge counter for global settings #150869
Querying & Filtering
  • Adds the ability to unload a selected query when it is deleted #154644
  • Removes failures in wrong custom timerange #154643
  • Fixes report generation when image panel is in the end of the layout #153846
  • Updates Chromium to 111.0.5555.0 (r1095492) and Puppeteer to 19.7.2 #153033
  • Fixes default date range on errors page #155661
  • Removes the "Beta" labels in Synthetics #155589
  • Fixes ML job/rule edit error #155212