Enhancements and bug fixes


Enhancements and bug fixesedit

For detailed information about the 8.6.0 release, review the enhancements and bug fixes.


  • Clone rule #144741
  • Remove errors and warning in triggers_actions_ui jest test #144443
  • Increase the default table size of the cases table to 10 #144228
  • Bulk enable rules api #144216
  • Create bulk delete on rules front #144101
  • Improve Task Manager’s retry logic for ad-hoc tasks #143860
  • Increases the max length limit of the case title to 160 characters #143664
  • Adds the ability to bulk edit tags in the cases table #143450
  • Filter cases without assignees #143390
  • Make actions retry when encountering failures #143224
  • Adds a backlink to cases when pushing in external services #143174
  • Move Connectors to own page #142485
  • 142183 create bulk delete on rules #142466
  • Allow _source field for ES DSL query rules #142223
  • Update rule status #140882
  • Adds pie charts displaying the most used mobile devices, operating systems, etc. #144232
  • Adds the ability to filter mobile APM views #144172
  • Adds average latency map to the mobile service overview #144127
  • Adds new options to APM central configuration #143668
  • Adds a trace waterfall to the dependency operation detail view #143257
  • Adds a configuration table above code sample in getting started guide #143178
  • Adds improvements to the AWS Lambda metrics view #143113
  • Adds total APM size and perecent of disk space used to storage explorer #143179
  • [Technical preview] Adds the ability to display a critical path for a single trace #143735
  • [Technical preview] Adds the agent explorer inventory and detail page #143844
  • Adds unmapped runtime field support to options list #144947
  • Adds "Exists" functionality to options list #143762
  • Adds excludes toggle to options list #142780
  • Adds support for IP field to options list #142507
  • Adds option to disable cursor sync on dashboards #143355
  • Adds the ability to edit ad hoc data views without permissions #142723
  • Enables esQuery alert for adhoc data views #140885
Elastic Security
For the Elastic Security 8.6.0 release information, refer to Elastic Security Solution Release Notes.
Enterprise Search
For the Elastic Enterprise Search 8.6.0 release information, refer to Elastic Enterprise Search Documentation Release notes.
Adds ?full option to get package info endpoint to return all package fields #144343
  • Use the Unified Search Bar for date range selection #144351
  • Adds network traffic to Hosts table #142137
Kibana UI
Updates the Dashboard, Visualize Library, and Maps pages with enhanced tag filtering #142108
Lens & Visualizations
  • Rearranges the options in Lens #144891
  • Adds the ability to open TSVB tables in Lens #143946
  • Adds advanced params to the formula API in Lens #143876
  • Adds the ability to display value labels on histogram and stacked charts in Lens #143635
  • Distinguishes the adhoc data views from the permanent data views in the dropdowns #143525
  • Adds the ability to filter metrics in the Lens data table #143219
  • Adds support for navigate Variance aggregations in Lens #143209
  • Adds selected field accordion to the fields list in Lens #143175
  • Adds the ability to open aggregation-based xy charts in Lens #142936
  • Adds the ability to open aggregation-based Gauge and Goal visualizations in Lens #142838
  • Enables cursor syncronization in Lens heatmaps #142821
  • Adds a reduced time range option for formula in Lens #142709
  • Adds the ability to open aggregation-based metric visualization in Lens #142561
  • Adds the ability to edit data views in the Lens flyout #142362
  • Adds conditional operations in the Lens formula #142325
  • Adds the ability to explore fields in Discover from Lens #142199
  • Adds the ability to open TSVB Gauge visualizations in Lens #142187
  • Adds new defaults function in Lens #142087
  • Adds support for mustache context variables with periods #143703
  • Adds explore matching indices to data view menu #141807
  • Adds control in the Lens annotations layer menu for global filters #141615
  • Adds field filter to popover in Lens #141582
  • Improves the performance for large formulas in Lens #141456
  • Improves the Quick function in-product assistance in Lens #141399
  • Adds bit formatter in Lens #141372
  • Adds the ability to open aggregation-based pie visualizations in Lens #140879
  • Adds the ability to open TSVB metric visualizations in Lens #140878
  • Adds the ability to open aggregation-based table visualizations in Lens #140791
  • Adds the ability to allow date functions in formula #143632
Machine Learning
  • Data Frame Analytics: Highlight filtered data in scatterplot charts #144871
  • Allow updates for number of allocations and priority for trained model deployments #144704
  • Switch from normal sampling to random sampler for Index data visualizer table #144646
  • Explain Log Rate Spikes: Replace chunks of queries with concurrent queue #144220
  • Explain Log Rate Spikes: Allow to continue failed stream #143301
  • Entity filter for the Notifications page #142778
  • Show an info callout for new notifications #142245
  • Adding dashboard custom url to lens created jobs #142139
  • Adds ML open API output to appendix #141556
Adds missing geo aggs to autocomplete in Console #141504
  • Adds the ability to invert color ramp and size #143307
  • Adds layer groups #142528
  • Adds the ability to hide or show all layers #141495
  • Adds kibana.alert.time_range field to Alert-As-Data mappings and populate it #141309
  • Alert summary widget new design #141236
  • Adds histogram support for avg, max, min, sum and percentiles #139770
Adds maxIdleSockets and idleSocketTimeout to Elasticsearch config #142019
  • Adds a read-only mode to the User management screen for users with read_security cluster privilege #143438
  • Adds a read-only mode to the API keys management screen for users with read_security cluster privilege #144923
  • Adds user.id field to Kibana audit log #141092
  • Allow using AND for tags filtering #145079
  • Adds monitor detail flyout #136156

Bug fixesedit

  • Fixes logger text and fix bulk error type #144598
  • Flaky bulkDisable tasks functional test #144405
  • Adding back unknown outcome filter #143546
  • Fixing flaky test in x-pack/test/functional_with_es_ssl/apps/triggers_actions_ui/alerts_list·ts #142855
  • Rule run history displays success with a message when the rule status is warning #142645
  • Elasticsearch query rule type allows SIZE: 0, but flags as error on re-edit #142225
  • Rules and Connectors: Current page in breadcrumbs shows as link #141838
  • Move save button into connector config form #141361
  • Show a recommended minimum size when going below 5 minutes #144170
  • Fixes ML permissions by removing usage of canAccessML #143631
  • Fallback to terms aggregation search if terms enum doesn’t return results #143619
  • Fixes bug that causes alert expression to not close #143531
  • Fixes apm.transaction_duration alert to aggregrate over service environment #143238
  • Fixes broken latency and services layout #143453
  • Fixes metadata API environment filter #144472
  • The extra reload caused by Controls is now skipped #142868
  • Modifies the state shared in dashboard permalinks #141985
  • Fixes theme for Alerts popover #145390
  • Improves the no data views state for esQuery alert #145052
  • Updates the data view id on adhoc data view change #142069
  • Improves the error and fix app state when updating data view ID in the URL to an invalid ID #141540
Elastic Security
For the Elastic Security 8.6.0 release information, refer to Elastic Security Solution Release Notes.
Enterprise Search
For the Elastic Enterprise Search 8.6.0 release information, refer to Elastic Enterprise Search Documentation Release notes.
Only show fleet managed data streams on data streams list page #143300
Adds disk latency metrics to hosts table #144312
Kibana Home & Add Data
Lens & Visualizations
  • All saved queries are now returned on the list instead of only the first 50 #145554
  • The baseTheme is now always included with the charts theme #145401
  • Do not throw on undefined sorting column referenced in Lens #144716
  • Fixes suggestion bug in Lens #144708
  • The reference layer is now excluded from the cursor sync hook in Lens #144384
  • Improves the embeddable warnings placement in Lens metric visualizations #144368
  • Fixes the list control popover background color in dark mode #144204
  • The unused dimension label from the tooltip in Lens is now hidden #143721
  • Improves the default text for the controls options list #143413
  • Fixes styling issues in Vega #143168
  • Fixes an issue where the shard failure notices made Lens unusable #142985
  • Fixes the syncing for colors and tooltips #142957
  • Updates the label for Time field annotations in TSVB #142452
  • Fixes an issue where empty annotation query strings in TSVB and Lens displayed different results #142197
  • Drag and drop capabilities of a single element in Lens is no longer allowed #141793
  • Fixes the ability to close the settings popover with a click in Lens #141272
Machine Learning
  • Fixes the default time range on the Notifications page #145578
  • Data Frame Analytics maps view: ensure nodes reload correctly after using timepicker refresh #145265
  • Explain Log Rate Spikes: Fix applying overall params to histogram queries #144219
  • Calculate model memory limit for Lens created jobs #143456
  • Explain Log Rate Spikes: fix chart showing as empty when filter matches field/value pair in hovered row #142693
  • Fixes nested formatter for terms #144543
  • Cache ad-hoc data views to avoid repeated field list calls #144465
  • In the case of 2 or more panels on the dashboard, TSVB renderComplete fires 2 times #143999
  • Shard failure notifications have been reduced when many queries fail at the same time #131776
  • Fixes an issue where the Time Slider text was not working properly with Dark Mode #145612
  • Adds ungroup layers action #144574
Fixes alerts' blank page in case of invalid query string #145067
Observability Home
  • Use bucketSize from request options for overview query #145032
  • Solution nav with no data page #144280
Querying & Filtering
  • Fixes an issue with autocomplete value suggestions where the date range was sometimes incorrectly applied #144134
  • Fixes Moment.js timezone error when defining a range filter #143213
  • Fixed a bug with CSV export in Discover, where searching over hundreds of shards would result in an incomplete CSV file #144201
  • Fixes an issue where downloading a report caused a new browser tab to open with the report content, rather than receiving a downloaded file #144136
  • Fixed an issue with CSV exports from Discover, where using the _id field in an export, when _id is a very high numeric value, the value could lose precision #143807