Enhancements and bug fixes


Enhancements and bug fixesedit

For detailed information about the 8.1.0 release, review the enhancements and bug fixes.


  • Adds P50/95/99 for rule execution duration in the rules table #123603
  • Adds dropdown for number of executions in Rule Details view #122595
  • Adds titles to the heatmap axis #123992
  • Adds the esql Monaco editor #118531
  • Adds expression metrisVis workpad arguments #114808
Adds the ability to always allow internal URLs in Vega #124705
Data ingest
Adds the ability to create ingest pipelines from a CSV upload that enables mapping custom data source into ECS #101216
  • Improves the document explorer flyout #120116
  • Adds the ability to preserve Discover main route state in breadcrumb links #119838
  • Adds error state if chart loading fails #119289
  • Enable Field statistics table on by default #124046
Elastic Security
For the Elastic Security 8.1.0 release information, refer to Elastic Security Solution Release Notes.
  • Adds shipper label #122491
  • Adds support for non-superuser access to Fleet and Integrations #122347
  • Adds support for bundling packages as zip archives with Kibana source #122297
  • Makes the default integration install explicit #121628
Lens & Visualizations
  • Addx suport for timefilter/min/max in Vega URLs #124077
  • The filtered field list now uses field caps API in Lens #122915
  • Updates the Lens empty state copy #122174
  • Adds a global filter for formulas in Lens #121768
  • Adds rare terms in Lens #121500
  • Adds previous time shift back in Lens #121284
  • Adds the size ratio setting to pie and donut charts in Lens #120101
  • Adds multi terms dnd support in Lens #119841
  • Improves the color stop UI in Lens #119165
  • Enables table pagination in Lens #118557
  • Adds support for ephemeral sort to the data table embeddable #117742
  • Debounce duplicate error messages in Vega #116408
  • Replaces EUICodeEditor with Monaco in Vega #116041
Machine Learning
  • Adds missing document titles #124125
  • Synchronize Anomaly charts cursor position for X-axis with Lens visualizations in Dashboard #123951
  • Adds grouping to the side nav #123805
  • Adds empty states for the Jobs list pages #123462
  • Adds error messages to Index data visualizer and improve distribution charts for fields with low cardinality #123306
  • Standardize Add embeddable flow from the Anomaly Explorer page #123199
  • Integration part 1: Create anomalies layer in Maps* #122862
  • Adds options to exclude or include frozen data tier for Anomaly detection and Index data visualizer #122306
  • Editing semi-structured text fields in grok pattern #122274
  • Adds extra search deep links for nodes overview and file upload #121740
  • Replace navigation bar with a side nav #121652
  • File data visualizer reduce chunk size for slow processors #121353
  • Adds ability to save session to Index data visualizer #121053
  • Overview page redesign #120966
  • Adds Maps UI action to Index data visualizer/Discover Field statistics #120846
  • Adds auto generated drill down link to Discover for Anomaly explorer table #120450
  • Adds multilayer time axis style to Data visualizer doc count chart #117398
  • Transforms: Add call out warning & delete option if a task exists for a transform without a config #123407
  • Adds warnings for actions for managed Anomaly detection jobs and Transforms #122305
  • Refresh frequency refinements #122125
  • Configure refresh frequency #121874
  • Geo point field formatter #121821
  • Adds links to docs #121066
  • Highlight the tutorial example text with console syntax #120474
  • Compress mappings response size for autocomplete #120456
  • Handle binary data response #119586
  • Improve error handling when local storage quota is full #118495
  • Error handling #109233
  • Adds Shapefile import #123764
  • Should be able to zoom in on selected range of timeslider #122131
  • Delete button should be toggleable in Edit Features #122017
  • Change "show as" from EuiSelect to EuiButtonGroup #121960
  • Format counts #119646
  • Convert maki icons to SDF sprites on-the-fly #119245
  • Convert HeatmapLayer to vector tiles and add support for high resolution grids #119070
  • Make the icon for max results limit more evident #118044
  • Enable on-prem for Vega #104422
Compatibility for agent data streams #119112
  • Adds Tail-based sampling settings #124025
  • UI Monitor Management - Add namespace field #123248
  • Default alert connectors email settings #123244
  • Only show span.sync badge when relevant #123038
  • Optimize waffle map #122889
  • APM UI changes for serverless services / AWS lambda #122775
  • Update the style of the service/backend info icons in the selected service/backend header #122587
  • Adds basic infra metrics config #120881
  • Adds comparision to service maps popover #120839
  • Link originating service in traces list table #120768
  • Prefer service.name for logs correlation #120694
  • Query numerator & denominator simultaneously for log threshold alerts #107566
Improves the file logging capabilities so that missing directories in the configured file path are now created before Kibana attempts to write to the file #117666
  • Add a new elasticsearch.compression configuration property to enable compression for communications between Kibana and Elasticsearch #124009
  • Adds support of comments #122457
  • Adds support for PNG and PDF reports on Darwin Arm64 architecture #122057
  • Short URL client is now accessible on the frontend through plugin contract. Dashboard and Discover shared short URLs now contain a three word, human-readable slug #121886
  • Adds the ability to add URL drilldowns to Dashboard panels #121801
  • Adds a new structure to the report details flyout to help you find information faster #120617
  • Adds HTML tag and impact level to axe-core CI violation reporter #119903
  • Exposes Elasticsearch accuracy warnings to the user #116632
Querying & Filtering
Improves the version field type #123739
  • Audit logs now include records for individual saved objects when an entire space is deleted #124145
  • User login audit events now include the session ID for better correlation, and single sign-on flows no longer result in an extra user_logout event #124299

Bug fixesedit

  • Fixes the pagination results for fetching existing alerts #122474
  • Running disabled rules are now skipped #119239
  • Fixes an issue where the image repeat element was not updating #118701
  • Fixes an issue where Canvas validated values before saving variables #118694
Adds the listing page callout when new dashboards are in progress #117237
  • Adds the ability to close the expanded document sidebar when you change data views #119736
  • Fixes search on page load tests #119087
Elastic Security
For the Elastic Security 8.1.0 release information, refer to Elastic Security Solution Release Notes.
Enterprise Search
For the Elastic Enterprise Search 8.1.0 release information, refer to Elastic Enterprise Search Documentation Release notes.
  • Readded missing packages to keep up to date list #125787
  • Trimmed whitespace from package policy names #125400
Lens & Visualizations
  • Fixes some dashboard visualizations that could show "Could not located index pattern" errors when copied from one space to another #126499
  • Rarity is not allowed in some cases in Lens #125523
  • Fixes formatting logic for terms in Lens #125408
  • Fixes focus on submitting filter popover in Lens #125247
  • Fixes agg filter for sibling pipeline aggs #125227
  • Panel intervals are now used for annotations in TSVB #125222
  • Outdated inspector data is now hidden in Vega #125051
  • Vega visualizations are no longer missing in sample data reports #124886
  • Lucene queries on dashboards are now accepted on annotations and tables in TSVB #124802
  • Top values now work for custom numeric formatters in Lens #124566
  • Coloring tooltip in Heatmap is now working for ">= n" values in Visualize Library #124521
  • Fixes a metric contrast issue in TSVB #124509
  • Do not refresh session on "now" drift on incoming data in Lens #124389
  • Coloring tooltips in Pie are not properly positioned in Visualize #124330
  • Label placeholder always defaults to the lens proposed text in Lens #124222
  • Show warning for completely static formula in Lens #124213
  • Adds step value to make Safari validation work properly in Lens #124210
  • Guard against parse failures in Visualize #124209
  • Fixes heatmap suggestions in Lens #124099
  • Fixes the percentage format for percentiles series #124098
  • Displays custom bounds error for right axis when lower bound is above 0 in Lens #124037
  • Clicking a series agg timeseries chart split by terms should not create a filter in TSVB #124031
  • Save default data view in TSVB #123997
  • Switch default bar width to 0px in TSVB #123926
  • Formatting in the left axis is not respected when I have two separate axis in TSVB #123903
  • Fixes series containing colon in TSVB #123897
  • Fixes records field name and migrate in Lens #123894
  • Hides ticks on the y axis for layers with the same format and different template in TSVB #123598
  • Various fixes for Lens embeddables in Lens #123587
  • Make sure session is updated and passed to the embeddable in Visualize #123538
  • Fixes time range issue on save in Lens #123536
  • Report override data views to the dashboard in TSVB #123530
  • Handle ignore daylight time correctly and fix shift problem in TSVB #123398
  • AggConfigs: Make base id check more stable #123367
  • TSVB fix flickering #122921
  • Hide tooltips while dragging dimensions in Lens #122198
  • Make sure saved search id is carried over to saved object #121082
  • Paginate through index patterns #120972
  • Show generic error for invalid time shift string in Lens #120077
  • Improves column type detection in table for alignment in Lens #120007
  • Fixes the broken "aggregate function" in TSVB table #119967
  • Hide fit from suggestions in Timelion #119568
  • Match visualization type to first series type when available #119377
  • Timelion & vega apply dataview from first filter in Vega #119209
  • Reset filter state whenever group-by changed in TSVB #118953
  • Prevent KQL Popovers From Stacking in Lens #118258
  • Improves outside label placement for pie/donut charts in Lens #115966
Machine Learning
  • Fixes permission check for View examples link from Anomaly detection explorer page #125090
  • Fixes auto-refresh interval #124851
  • Fixes permission check for Discover/data view redirect from Anomaly detection explorer page #124408
  • Fixes breadcrumbs inconsistencies and titles capitalisation #123019
  • Update painless antlr grammar for fields API $-syntax #125818
  • Adds permission check for Set as default data view button on data view detail page #124897
  • In Index Management, index details now display previously missing values for the number of deleted documents and the primary storage size #124731
  • Transforms: Fix retention policy reset #124698
  • Transforms: Fix sort on field names containing dots not applied in wizard preview grid #124587
  • Transforms: Fix refresh when transform list is filtered #124267
  • Fixes autocomplete inserting comma in triple quotes #123572
  • Encode pathname #122080
  • Autocomplete missing comma on correct location #121611
  • Fixes wrong values in field format editor; fix wrong value formatting in field preview #121300
  • Fixes autocomplete suggestions for lowercase methods and other related bug #121033
  • Fixes autocomplete suggestions for repository of type fs (typo) #120775
  • Fixes editor error while adding second request #120593
  • Dev Tools Console: Expose the error_trace parameter for completion #120290
  • Auto complete for script suggests deprecated query type #120283
  • Fixes "Expected one of GET/POST/PUT/DELETE/HEAD" for lowercase methods #120209
  • Make the Define script label non clickable #119947
  • Fixes error markers in editor output #119831
  • Change suggestions for Sampler and Diversified sampler aggregations #119355
  • Adds Autocompletion for boxplot aggregation in Kibana Dev tools #117024
  • Adds overrides for request parameters for Logstash PUT Pipeline API #116450
  • @timestamp as default for timestamp field name in index pattern #116126
  • Fixes vector tile URL not properly encoded #126208
  • Allows feature editing with vector tile scaling #123409
  • Fixes Error rendering cluster layer of geoshape documents styled by category #123308
  • Fetch geometry from fields API #122431
  • Fixes vector tile double counting geo_shapes that cross tile boundaries #121703
  • Refactor map telemetry to incrementally calculate usage stats #121467
  • Fixes creating filter from array fields #119548
  • Stronger typing for monitoring configs #125467
  • Fixes Alerts and Rules menu persisting to other apps #124291
  • Fixes Logstash Pipeline hover timestamp isn’t visible #123091
  • Fixes date picker range options #121295
  • Set display names for columns and fix reason message #124570
  • Rename Backend to Dependency #124067
  • Enable parseTechnicalFields to accept partial alert documents #123983
  • Include error documents in fallback query for services #123554
  • Rewrite the data fetching for Inventory Threshold rule #123095
  • Optimizations for Inventory Threshold Alerts #122460
  • Increase composite size to 10K for Metric Threshold Rule and optimize processing #121904
  • Fixes missing EUI theme in context #121796
  • Rename alerting types in triggers_actions_ui #121107
  • Fixes loading message for correlations table #120921
  • Prefer host.name over host.hostname #119952
  • Improve bfetch error handling #123455
  • Fixes a CSV export Reporting issue where expensive queries were used to collect the data when they were not needed #123412
  • Fixes URL drilldown placeholder text and add placeholder capability to Monaco #121420
  • Consider expired tasks invalid #119664
  • columns. Fixes Bugs caused by using name instead of ID #118470
User login audit events now include the session ID for better correlation, and single sign-on flows no longer result in an extra user_logout event #124299