Amazon Bedrock connector and action


Amazon Bedrock connector and actionedit

The Amazon Bedrock connector uses axios to send a POST request to Amazon Bedrock. The connector uses the run connector API to send the request.

Create connectors in Kibanaedit

You can create connectors in Stack Management > Connectors. For example:

Amazon Bedrock connector
Connector configurationedit

Amazon Bedrock connectors have the following configuration properties:

The name of the connector.
The Amazon Bedrock request URL.
Default model
The GAI model for Amazon Bedrock to use. Current support is for the Anthropic Claude models, defaulting to Claude 2. The model can be set on a per request basis by including a "model" parameter alongside the request body.
Access Key
The AWS access key for authentication.
The secret for authentication.

Test connectorsedit

You can test connectors with the run connector API or as you’re creating or editing the connector in Kibana. For example:

Amazon Bedrock params test

The Amazon Bedrock actions have the following configuration properties.


A stringified JSON payload sent to the Amazon Bedrock Invoke Model API URL. For example:

  body: JSON.stringify({
        prompt: `${combinedMessages} \n\nAssistant:`,
        max_tokens_to_sample: 300,
        stop_sequences: ['\n\nHuman:']
An optional string that will overwrite the connector’s default model. For

Connector networking configurationedit

Use the Action configuration settings to customize connector networking configurations, such as proxies, certificates, or TLS settings. You can set configurations that apply to all your connectors or use xpack.actions.customHostSettings to set per-host configurations.