Kibana 7.0.0-alpha1edit

Breaking changesedit

For more details about breaking changes in this release, see Breaking changes in 7.0.

  • Does not apply query:queryString:options to query_string filters #15640
  • Removes default_field from query:queryString:options #18966
  • Removes node_resolver setting #21181
  • Removes tribe node support #16397
  • Creates separate startup scripts for development and production #13806
  • Sets default port based on protocol #21564
  • Removes deprecated /shorten API #21861
  • Plugin installer defers optimization step until server start #26983


  • Fixes legacy tilemap loading #22095

K7 UI Designedit

Kibana 7.0.0-alpha1 includes a new design for Kibana called K7. In this early stage, K7 is still a little rough around the edges. If you’d like to switch back to the existing K6 design, go to Management > Advanced Settings and turn off the k7design setting. The option to switch to the old design will be removed before 7.0.0 GA.


Machine Learning
  • Updates job type and APM module icon to new designs #25380
  • Allows model plot enablement via checkbox in MultiMetric/Population Job creation #24914
  • Adds support for the rare detector for charts in Anomaly Explorer and Singe Metric viewer #21524
  • Adds png output to reports #24759
  • Sorts ascending on sort order first then ascending on name. Any menu item without a sort order gets set to zero. #25058
  • Adds a console.error for visualize errors #24581

Bug fixesedit

  • Overrides EUI chart default styles for gridlines #21723
  • Adds section titles to span detail modal #20717
  • Fixes duplicate Value options in math select value #25556
  • Gets correct plugins path #25448
  • Quotes the index pattern in SQL input #25488
  • Decreases the size of tray toggle #25470
  • Improves the plugin pre-build #25267
  • Removes dashboardContext function and makes Timelion, Vega, and Time Series Visual Builder use buildEsQuery #23227
  • Converts Security UI from LESS to Sass #25079
  • Adds boilerplate Sass for Kibana core #21185
  • Adds debug code to flaky field_data test #15535
  • Gets even more debug info for flaky field_data test #17627
  • Fixes feature/align map config settings #19450
Kibana App
  • Adds warning to the documentation_links file about link validation gotcha #24786
  • Adds workaround for getDerivedStateFromProps change in react 16.4 #25142
Kibana Home & Add Data
  • Fixes "Set up index patterns" link on home page #16128
Machine Learning
  • Shows useful error on invalid query in JobList search bar #25153
  • Adds user privilege check to Jobs List group selector control #25225
  • Fixes file data viz file size check and formats as bytes #25295
  • Fixes the layout of the cards in the Data Visualizer on IE #25383
  • Adds better error reporting for reading and importing data #24269
  • Displays an ordinal y axis for low cardinality rare charts #24852
  • Fixes typo in job validation message #25130
  • Removes deprecated angularjs based jobs list and related code #25216
  • Adds boilerplate for remote clusters management app #25369
  • Adds ignore_failure to ingest common auto complete in console #24915
  • Removes support for expression-based scripted fields #14310
  • Adds WatchErrors to capture invalid watches #23887
  • Rewords the translation id for error with missing property in Watcher #24753
  • Renames Monitoring FormattedMessage to FormattedAlert #24197
  • Uses the cluster name from metadata if it exists #24495
  • Removes node fallback from kibana-keystore #15066
  • Adds debug script to set inspect flags #15967
  • Uses snake case for scripts/kibana-keystore.js and scripts/kibana-plugin.js #15331
  • Updates license info in package.json #20353
  • Fixes error log formatting #24788
  • Matches chalk dependency version on Kibana with the one used on X-Pack #20621
  • Fixes non-conforming licenses on devDependencies and adds the ability to whitelist devOnly licenses #23859
  • Adds jsxa11y into eslint rules #23932
  • Reverts Bump react-grid-layout to 0.16.0 #14912
  • Reverts breaking change for Status API #21927
  • Converts utils/collection to TypeScript #23992
  • Removes usage of update_all_types #16406
  • Improves the yarn kbn bootstrap speed by using yarn workspaces for packages inside packages/* and x-pack #24095
  • Runs jenkins:unit task with dev flag in order to run license check #19832
  • Does not break on startup in debug mode #19219
  • Transforms plugin deprecations before checking for unused settings #21294
  • Expands list of restricted globals in eslint-config-kibana #15798
  • Makes logs easier to read on Windows with chalk colors #15557
Querying & Filtering
  • Fixes wildcard queries against the default field #24778
  • Returns promise in Reporting jobs API #24769
  • Implements the K7 login screen #23512
  • Fixes issue with debounce function running after component was unmounted #15045
  • Defaults the scroll wheel zoom to false on Vega maps #21169
  • Fixes problem within the input_vis_control plugin that prevents it from updating correctly if the field is switched, and then switched back to the previous field #25164
  • Uses vega-nocanvas instead of vega lib #16137
  • Migrates visualization from Angular to React #16425
  • Fixes maps for reporting (#15272) #15358
  • Stops creation of nested search source per postflightrequest #20373
  • Moves inspector code from Vis to embeddable visualize handler #24112
  • Removes inspector from Vis #24112