AggConfig objectedit

The AggConfig object represents an aggregation search to Elasticsearch, plus some additional functionality to manage data-values that belong to this aggregation. This is primarily used internally in Kibana, but you may find you have a need for it when writing your own visualization. Here we provide short description of some of the methods on it, however the best reference would be to actually check the source code.

  • fieldFormatter(<type>) : returns a function which will format your value according to field formatters defined on the field. The type can be either text or html.
  • makeLabel() : gets the label for the aggregation
  • isFilterable() : return true if aggregation is filterable (you can then call createFilter)
  • createFilter(bucketKey) : creates a filter for specific bucket key
  • getValue(bucket) : gets value for a specific bucket
  • getField() : gets the field used for this aggregation
  • getFieldDisplayName() : gets field display name
  • getAggParams() : gets the arguments to the aggregation