Getting Started with Vegaedit

  • To experiment using sample data, first click the Kibana logo in the upper left hand corner and then click the link next to Sample Data.
  • Once you have data loaded, go to Visualize, click +, and select Vega to see an example graph. Note: The default graph is written in Vega-Lite, but you can build visualizations in either language. See Vega vs. Vega-Lite for more information.
  • Try changing mark from line to point, area, bar, circle, or square. Check out the Vega-Lite docs for more information.
  • Explore other available Vega or Vega-Lite visualizations. Note: You might need to make URLs absolute, for example, replace "url": "data/world-110m.json" with "url": "". See Vega and Vega-Lite examples.
  • For more information on getting started, check out this blog post.