Import your first repoedit

The easiest way to get started with Code is to import a real-world repository.

Before you beginedit

You must have a Kibana instance up and running.

If you are in an environment where you have multiple Kibana instances in a cluster, see the config instructions for multiple Kibana instances.

Enable Code appedit

While in beta, you can turn on Code by adding the following line to kibana.yaml:

xpack.code.ui.enabled: true

Import your first repositoryedit

  1. In Kibana, navigate to Code.
  2. In the Repository URL field, paste the following GitHub clone URL:

https is recommend for cloning git repositories.

  1. Click Import.

    A new item in the list displays the cloning and indexing progress of the TypeScript-Node-Starter repo.

    code import repo
  2. After the indexing is complete, navigate to the repo by clicking its name in the list.

    code starter root

    Congratulations! You just imported your first repo into Code.