Configure map settings


Configure map settingsedit

Maps offers settings that let you configure how a map is displayed. To access these settings, click Map settings in the application toolbar.


Background color
Set the map background color.
Show scale
When enabled, display the map scale.


Auto fit map to bounds
When enabled, the map will automatically pan and zoom to show the filtered data bounds.
Zoom range
Constrain the map to the defined zoom range.
Initial map location

Configure the initial map center and zoom.

  • Map location at save: Use the map center and zoom from the map position at the time of the latest save.
  • Auto fit map to bounds: Set the initial map location to show the filtered data bounds.
  • Fixed location: Lock the map center and zoom to fixed values.
  • Browser location: Set the initial map center to the browser location.

Spatial filtersedit

Use spatial filter settings to configure how spatial filters are displayed.

spatial filters
Show spatial filters on map
Clear the checkbox so spatial filters do not appear on the map.
Set the opacity of spatial filters.
Fill color
Set the fill color of spatial filters.
Border color
Set the border color of spatial filters.