Create filters from a mapedit

Create filters from your map to focus in on just the data you want. Maps provides three ways to create filters:

Filter dashboard by map extentedit

A map extent shows uniform data across all panels. As you pan and zoom your map, all panels will update to only include data that is visable in your map.

To enable filtering your dashboard by map extent:

  • Open the main menu, and then click Dashboard.
  • Select your dashboard from the list or click Create dashboard.
  • If your dashboard does not have a map, add a map panel.
  • Click the gear icon gear icon to open the map panel menu.
  • Select More to view all panel options.
  • Select Enable filter by map extent.
enable filter by map extent

Spatial filtersedit

A spatial filter narrows search results to documents that either intersect with, are within, or do not intersect with the specified geometry.

You can create spatial filters in two ways:

  • Click the tool icon tools icon, and then draw a shape, bounding box, or distance on the map to define the spatial filter.
  • Click Filter by geometry in a locked tooltip, and then use the feature’s geometry for the spatial filter.

Spatial filters have the following properties:

  • Geometry label enables you to provide a meaningful name for your spatial filter.
  • Spatial relation determines the spatial relation operator to use at search time.
  • Action specifies whether to apply the filter to the current view or to a drilldown action. Only available when the map is a panel in a dashboard with drilldowns.
create spatial filter

Phrase filtersedit

A phrase filter narrows search results to documents that contain the specified text. You can create a phrase filter by clicking the plus icon gs plus icon in a locked tooltip. If the map is a dashboard panel with drilldowns, you can apply a phrase filter to a drilldown by selecting the drilldown action.