Enhancements and bug fixesedit

For detailed information about the 7.14.0 release, review the enhancements and bug fixes.


  • Adds event log entry when an action starts executing #102370
  • Adds event log entry when a rule starts executing #102001
  • Adds ability to import/export rules and connectors #98802
  • Renames alert status OK to Recovered and fix some UX issues around disabling a rule while being in an error state #98135
  • Adds config allowing per-host networking options #96630
  • Updates apm index pattern #104344
  • Adds “Analyze Data” button #103485
  • Migrate to data streams - Fleet on Cloud #102682
  • Fleet: Add secret_token to agent instructions in legacy Getting Started guide #102669
  • Shows JVM tab for Java Otel agent #102346
  • Adds AWS and Azure icons for additional services #101901
  • Fleet support for merging input.config values with other nested properties in the policy input #101690
  • Fleet: Introduce API for uploading source maps for RUM #101623
  • Replaces side nav with tabs on Settings page #101460
  • Link to Fleet APM Server Configuration when managed by Elastic Agent w/Fleet #100816
  • Syncs agent config settings to APM Fleet policies #100744
  • Improvements to datasource expressions including SQL parameter support and array leniency #99549
  • Integrates the Labs service into Canvas #96920
  • Update Labs status #103603
  • Share session between Lens and Dashboard #100214
  • Defer loading panels below the fold #99880
Data ingest
  • Adds media_type to set processor #101035
  • Adds extract_device_type to user agent processor #100986
  • Adds support for fingerprint processor #100541
  • Adds support for ip type in convert processor #100531
  • Adds support for registered_domain processor #99643
  • Improves Visualize button in field popover #103099
  • Improves Discover sidebar performance #102646
  • Hide multi-fields in Doc Viewer #101929
  • Adds source to doc viewer #101392
  • Enable custom time ranges for saved searches #99180
Elastic Security
For the Elastic Security 7.14.0 release information, refer to Elastic Security Solution Release Notes.
  • Make top-level fields of is_managed policies editable through config #103722
  • Allow for versionless integration details urls #103484
  • Extend contains helper to work on strings #102786
  • Adds packages to global search results #102227
  • Migrate Fleet UI to new tabbed layout #101828
  • Support user overrides in composable templates #101769
  • Integrations UI: Adjust policies list UI #101600
  • Adjustments to the "Add agent" flyout #101576
  • Support granular integrations in policy editor #101531
  • Adds support for meta in fields.yml #100931
  • Pass policy namespace to agent monitoring settings #100500
  • Adds color distinction between offline and inactive agents #100490
  • Support browsing granular integrations #99866
  • Move integrations to a separate app #99848
  • Tighten policy permissions, take II #97366
Lens & Visualizations
  • Use a different advanced setting for pie charts #103049
  • Carry over filter extra fields with in incomplete state in Lens #102509
  • Adds filter from legend in xy and partition charts in Lens #102026
  • Adds Formula time shift in Lens #101718
  • Value in legend in Lens #101353
  • New summary row feature for datatable in Lens #101075
  • Replaces EuiCodeEditor with the Monaco editor in TSVB #100684
  • Adds opacity slider in Lens #100453
  • Improves caching with more stable Elasticsearch requests in Lens #100414
  • Replaces current implementation with elastic-charts #100017
  • Specify y-axis extent in Lens #99203
  • Adds time shift metrics in Lens #98781
  • Adds supports for runtime fields in Vega #98707
  • Adds heatmap and swim lane integration in Lens #97978
  • Adds ability to filter by clicking on the timeseries chart in TSVB #97426
  • Replaces hardcoded IDs with uuid in TSVB #97423
  • Adds support for runtime fields in Timelion #96700
  • Adds dynamic table cell coloring in Lens #95217
  • Adds the implementation of the vislib pie chart with es-charts #83929
  • Adds event.original fallback to message reconstruction rules #102236
  • Convert logs and metrics pages to the new Observability page template #101239
Machine Learning
  • Sets max height and preserves whitespace in categorization wizard examples #103637
  • Adds ability to clear warning notification from anomaly detection jobs list #103608
  • Adds optimizations for Logs UI anomaly detection jobs #102191
  • Anomaly detection job custom_settings improvements #102099
  • Adds authentication module with six ML jobs for ECS data (Auditbeat, Winlogbeat, Filebeat and Logs) #101840
  • Switches to new datafeed preview #101780
  • Adds index pattern management to index Data Visualizer #101316
  • Visualize delayed data in anomaly detection jobs #101236
  • Adds file upload to add data page #100863
  • Rare anomaly detection job wizard #100390
  • APM latency correlations #99905
  • Severity control for anomaly timeline #99489
  • Data Visualizer: adds choropleth map for index and file #99434
  • Supports trained model aliases #99174
  • Anomaly Detection Explorer: adds choropleth map #98847
  • Allow restored session to run missing searches and show a warning #101650
  • Runtime fields CRUD REST API #101164
  • Support for the top_metrics aggregation #101152
  • Default index pattern REST API #100691
  • Added human readable precise formatter for duration #100540
  • Transforms: Adds a link to discover from the transform list to the actions menu #97805
  • Update help text for common repository settings #97652
  • Move edit tools to beta and remove experimental config flags #103556
  • Timeslider play button #103147
  • Adds capability to delete features from layer & index #103145
  • Show radius when drawing distance filter #102808
  • Mask timeslider #102046
  • Spatially filter by all geo fields #100735
  • Allow layers to be excluded from fit to data #100098
  • Filter dashboard by map extent #99860
  • Adds layer edit controls #99812
  • Timeslider #99661
  • Show empty tooltips with actions on click #99337
  • Visualize in maps button #98677
  • Adds attribution to layer editor #98328
  • Fetch geojson using ems-client #97908
  • Enable out of the box alerts modal #101565
  • Adds shared observability page template and navigation #99380
  • Create alert per node, index, or cluster instead of always per cluster #102544
  • Update docs to include new o11y features #104884
  • Introduce createTable expression function, and use in Lens #103788
  • Log at different levels based on the state #101751
  • Create expressions function to get UI settings #101317
  • Remove external "Launch App Search" button #100815
  • Adds capacity estimation to the Task Manager health endpoint #100475
  • Adds support for setting multiple variables to varSet #100458
  • Formula overall functions #99461
  • Formula editor #99297
  • Collect all documents that fail to transform before stopping the migration #96986
Querying & Filtering
  • Improve default time ranges for better request caching #100536
  • Use new terms enum API for autocomplete value suggestions #100174
  • Adds IPv6 support by the data plugin #99837
  • Relax save requirement for CSV reports #99313
  • Kibana Application Privileges for Reporting #94966
  • Adds support for creating API Keys with custom metadata #100682
  • Role Management: improve editing experience for DLS queries #99977
  • Simplify the process for deleting a space #99960
  • Use vega-interpreter to safely evaluate Vega expressions #98832
  • Improves session timeout handling and activity tracking #98461
  • Adds support for custom asset definitions in Integration assets tab #103554
  • Refactor cert alerts from batched to individual #102138
  • Support synthetics dedupe strategy in Uptime app #101678
  • Updating header menu links across Observability apps #101472
  • Adds Obs side nav and refactor APM templates #101044
  • Move uptime to new solution nav #100905
  • Core web vitals #100320
  • Move uptime actions to Header Actions Menu #100298
  • New width/delay definition for waterfall sidebar item tooltip #100147
  • Show URL and metrics on sidebar and waterfall item tooltips #99985
  • Mobile experience #99565

Bug Fixesedit

  • Fixes alerting health API to consider rules in all spaces #100879
  • Return default error message when log and exception are not available #106890
  • Get service name from context for alert flyout #104103
  • When using search bar UI should fall back to transactions #103987
  • Adds minimum bucket size when using metric powered ui #103773
  • Fixing time comparison types #101423
  • Index Pattern Observable Error Handling #106155
  • Fixes some hardcoded translations in Dashboard and Discover #105555
  • Fixes Copy To Permission and Unskip RBAC tests #100616
  • Rebuild State Management #97941
Data ingest
  • Remove default value for error_distance param #102222
  • Fixes default paramenter for ignore_missing in csv processor #100316
  • Fixes multiline display in classic table #103499
  • Prevent showing filter on unfilterable fields in data grid #103241
  • Fixes header row of data grid in Firefox #101374
  • Fixes infinite scrolling using Classic table #97634
Elastic Security
For the Elastic Security 7.14.0 release information, refer to Elastic Security Solution Release Notes.
  • Fixes blank page when uninstalling outdated integration #104938
  • Link to download page of current stack version on Agent install instructions #104494
  • Return proper indices permissions for osquery_manager package #103363
  • Adds multi field support to preconfiguration API #103347
  • Link to docs for Fleet Server and ES hosts #100698
  • Fixes incomplete agent count message on policy tab #100497
  • Adds clear button to search input bars #100476
Lens & Visualizations
  • Fixes bug with tophit aggregation and index not exist in TSVB #106814
  • It is no longer possible to define intervals like >=1m or >=12h in TSVB #105954
  • Fixes pie chart with 0 decimal places for percent in Lens #105672
  • Fixes field stats when multiple runtime fields are used in Lens #105359
  • Fixes the display of table elements if they are in the URL form in TSVB #105051
  • Fixes an issue where the include and exclude fields appear in migrated TSVB visualization when using Group by Terms #104848
  • Allow faceted Vega-Lite charts to take correct size in Vega #103352
  • Fixes an issue where references to the index pattern are not embedded when exporting a saved object in TSVB #103255
  • Fixes the filter input debouncing in Lens #103087
  • Fixes the weird behavior after upgrading to 7.13.1 in TSVB #102942
  • Fixes an issue where TSVB was not reporting all categories of Elasticsearch error #102926
  • Fixes an issue where tooltips on annotations with 's were not displayed correctly in TSVB #102892
  • Move empty string handling into field formatter in Lens #102877
  • Do not reset columns on incomplete switch before closing flyout in Lens #102876
  • Disable missing switch for non-string fields in Lens #102865
  • Adds new error case for mixed x-axes in Lens #102861
  • Do not persist time zone in Lens #102735
  • Clicking number histogram bar applies global filter instead of time filter in Lens #102730
  • Fixes auto interval filter building #102086
  • Table headers are aligned the same as cells in Lens #101875
  • Keep filters when transitioning from calculation to regular operations in Lens #101872
  • Math params._interval is incorrect when using entire timerange mode in TSVB #100775
  • Fixes wrong translations on ranges less than symbol #100535
  • Fixes an issue where filters do not work for charts with percentage mode #100456
  • Fixes an issue where more than one empty labels in markdown breaks the values for all other labels in TSVB #100432
  • Fixes an issue where color rules are not applied for null series in TSVB #100404
  • Support triggers only for timeseries chart in TSVB #100323
  • Display pie chart properly for only falsy correct data in Lens #99598
  • Avoid to have fieldless operations by restored last valid state in Lens #98588
  • Adds ignore DST switch for timeseries in TSVB #98484
  • Prevent editor crash on histograms datatype mix in Lens #98453
  • Fixes an issue where aggregation-based visualizations with date histogram are not progressing if current data is missing #98012
  • Build endzone markers in Lens #97849
  • Fixex an issue where scrollbars are appearing in default Vega configurations #97210
Machine Learning
  • Fixes index Data Visualizer sometimes shows wrong doc count for saved searches #106007
  • Fixes Anomaly Explorer misaligned annotations #105696
  • Ensures geo points show up in embeddable map chart area in Anomaly Explorer #105671
  • Fixes job wizard with missing description #105574
  • Fixes calendar creation during model snapshot restore #105421
  • Fixes "View by" swim lane with applied filter and sorting by score #105217
  • Fixes unnecessary too many buckets warning on anomaly chart embeddable #105043
  • Fixes annotations table loading hang #104825
  • Fixes error handling in job search bar #104759
  • Fixes date marker formatting in revert model snapshot flyout #104672
  • Fixes index Data Visualizer not gracefully handling error #104567
  • Fixes index Data Visualizer error if index pattern has histogram field type #104553
  • Fixes slow calendar creation UI #104248
  • Ensures included fields selection table is shown when no docs contain all mapped fields in data frame analytics job creation #104191
  • Ensures included fields table updates correctly in data frame analytics job creation wizard #103191
  • Fixes categorization token highlighting for multi-line messages #103007
  • Improves job saved object sync #101899
  • Fixes categorization job view examples link when datafeed uses multiple indices #100789
  • Fixes use_null setting in advanced anomaly detection job wizard #100028
  • Fixes management actions not accessible #105940
  • Force pause refresh when restoring discover state #105743
  • Don’t try deleting errored searches #105434
  • Fixes saved object can be created even if courier:batchSearches is enabled #105407
  • Fixes missing script aggs on the transform preview table #103913
  • Do not send other bucket request on exhaustive terms list #102097
  • Human-readable duration inconsistent unit casing #101479
  • Remote Clusters UI now better displays long values in the details flyout #105592
  • Fixes user has to click back button twice to navigate back to dashboard from create maps screen #103002
  • Fixes save to maps for by_value map embeddables #102968
  • Remove undefined from map embeddable by_value URL #102949
  • Handle indices without geoip schema defined in mapping #100487
  • Fixes map embeddable using separate refresh interval timer from container #97298
  • Prevent saved views from trampling URL state #103146
  • Don’t mount AlertFlyout and NodeContextPopover when they aren’t visible #99039
  • Bug fix for extra call to get anomalies in hooks #98686
  • Fixes assignment v comparison and null type check in metrics detail page #95102
  • Adds rules modal to listing page #104328
  • Fixes inaccurate Kibana status message when Kibana is in a yellow "degraded" state #103816
  • Fixes Cluster Listing view #103718
  • Create alert per node, index, or cluster instead of always per cluster #102544
  • Fixes alert status for nodes listing view #101941
  • Migrated legacy Elasticsearch client for 8.0 #101850
  • Audit of missing settings #102504
  • Compress stream chunks #97994
  • Fixes a bug where sending Kibana SIGHUP would cause a running PDF or PNG report to fail #104992
  • Fixes of the ja-JP.json not found error #105023
  • Role management: load field-level security suggestions on-demand #98681
  • Fixes mobile synthetics image clipping #106128
  • Define color for XHR timings in waterfall chart #105817
  • Fixes broken doc links in Uptime app #105482
  • Refactor page headers to avoid invalid markup #104215