Kibana 7.8.1edit

See also breaking changes in 7.8.

Security updatesedit

  • In Kibana 7.8.1 and earlier, there is a denial of service (DoS) flaw in Timelion. Attackers can construct a URL that when viewed by a Kibana user, the Kibana process consumes large amounts of CPU and becomes unresponsive, CVE-2020-7016.

    You must upgrade to 7.8.1. If you are unable to upgrade, set timelion.enabled to false in your kibana.yml file to disable Timelion.

  • In all Kibana versions, region map visualizations contain a stored XSS flaw. Attackers that can edit or create region map visualizations can obtain sensitive information or perform destructive actions on behalf of Kibana users who view the region map visualization, CVE-2020-7017.

    You must upgrade to 7.8.1. If you are unable to upgrade, set xpack.maps.enabled, region_map.enabled, and tile_map.enabled to false in kibana.yml to disable map visualizations.

Bug fixesedit

  • Disables multiple select for preconfigured connectors to avoid requesting bulk delete on them #69459
  • Fixes adding an extra space character on selecting alert variable in action text fields #70028
  • Fixes service maps not loading when there are no APM ML jobs #69240
  • Fixes service maps load failure when user doesn’t have ML permissions #70138
  • Sorts filter fields by items that start with typed characters #68585
  • Adds error and warning statuses to FilterBar filters, according to the following scenarios #66979
Lens and visualizations
  • Fixes Date Histogram error when index does not have a time field #69934
  • Avoids CCS-incompatible index name resolution #70179
Machine Learning
  • Fixes expanded row bug when job has no datafeed #68074
  • Fixes forever loading indicators in expanded data frame analytics list #69422
  • Updates the "Learn about timing" documentation link when creating a policy in Index Lifecycle Management #68923
  • Adds AggConfig.toSerializedFieldFormat #69114
  • Fixes a bug in Cross-Cluster Replication where the "Status" column in the follower indices table did not update after pausing or resuming a follower index #69228
  • Fixes a bug in Index Lifecycle Management where it was not possible to clear the index priority value when saving a policy #70154
  • Fixes a bug in Cross-Cluster Replication where the user was prompted with an error message when attempting to use the UI with missing cluster privileges. The user should now be prompted with a message indicating what privileges are missing #70158
  • Ignores url.url fields above 2048 characters #69863
  • Fixes mb-style interpolate style rule #68413
  • Fixes unable to edit heatmap metric #70606
  • Fixes fatal error when no data is available for Metric Threshold Alerts #68678
  • Fixes EuiTheme type issue #69735
  • Addresses a few longstanding issues with APM Stack Monitoring #69052
  • Makes sure we fetch all collection status #67172
  • Adds Cloud as an optional dependency #69050
  • Fixes links missing a hash #69861
  • Don’t allow empty string for server.basePath config #69377
  • Don’t set a min-length on encryption key for reporting #69827
  • Eliminates Superfluous Untitled Timelines #65783
  • Fixes 7.8 upgrade issue within rules where you can get the error "params invalid: [lists]: definition for this key is missing" #69434
  • Excludes glob-only (*) Index Pattern from map layers #69736