Kibana 7.6.2edit

See breaking changes in 7.6.

Known issueedit

  • The server.customResponseHeaders option prevents Kibana from starting if headers are set using a type other than string. To fix this, convert your boolean and number headers to strings. For example, use`my-header: "true"` instead of my-header: true. #66146

Bug fixesedit

  • Fixes infinite loop for view single document on discover #60236
Machine Learning
  • Shows view series link in anomalies table for machine_learning_user role #59549
  • Fixes bucket span estimators loading of max_buckets setting #59639
  • Improperly defined Watcher Logging Action text parameters will now be handled elegantly by Kibana instead of causing Kibana to crash #60169
  • Fixes the namespace for indices autocompletion #59043
  • We fixed a bug in Console’s proxy that would always override the "host" header #59143
  • Spacing between rendered shards #60238
  • Adds missing license to requests in maps embeddables #59207
  • Fixes custom color ramp on save #59953
  • Ensures inventory view buckets never drop below 60 seconds #58503
  • Ensures we use the monitoring cluster for retrieving xpack info #59075
  • Fixes the watchers usage in the log rotation #60956
  • Edits to filter’s custom label are ignored #59169
  • Fixes a bug that could cause saved object migrations to fail when an Elasticsearch snapshot is currently in progress #58884
  • Fixes base path prepending for session storage short url redirects #59871
  • Default the Timeline events filter to show All events #58953
  • Fixes dragging entries to the Timeline while data is loading may trigger a partial page reload #59476
  • Detection Fix typo in Adobe Hijack Persistence rule #58804
  • Fixes rule delete/duplicate actions #59306
  • Fixes minor UI bug on all rules table pagination #59094
  • Adds validation support for legacy filter values #58436
  • Fixes text color when using custom background color #60261