Kibana 6.8.7edit

Bug fixesedit

  • Updates Node.js to version 10.19.0 #56940
  • Limits fetching index patterns #56603

Security issuesedit

In Kibana 6.8.7 and earlier, Node.js contains the following security issues:

  • The TLS handling code for Node.js includes a Denial of Service (DoS) issue. Successful exploitation of the flaw could result in Kibana crashing. Refer to, CVE-2019-15604.

    There are no known workarounds for this issue.

  • There are issues with how Node.js handles malformed HTTP headers. The malformed headers could result in an HTTP request smuggling attack when Kibana is running behind a proxy that is vulnerable to HTTP request smuggling attacks. Refer to, CVE-2019-15605 and CVE-2019-15606.

    For instructions on how to mitigate HTTP request smuggling attacks, contact your proxy vendor.

Administrators running Kibana in an environment with untrusted users should upgrade to Kibana 6.8.7, which updates Node.js to 10.19.0.