Kibana 6.7.2edit

See breaking changes for the changes to be aware of when migrating your application from one version of Kibana to another.


  • Updates zh-CN.json translation #35020

Bug fixesedit

  • Excludes assets from Canvas usage query #34516
  • Recreates handlers and resets completed state on expression change #33900
  • Prevents grouping while mouse is down #34448
  • Waits for DOM element to exist #34475
Cross-Cluster Replication
  • Allows user to use CCR when security is not enabled. #35333
  • Adds dark theme for doc viewer to fix dashboard dark mode issue #34632
  • Fixes breadcrumbs in Maps application #34270
  • Clears data load error when layer gets correct data #34484
Index Lifecycle Management
  • Removes "Beta" badge #34454
  • Fixes crash when zero replicas configured in a phase for policy #34480
  • Fixes metrics chart tooltip alignment #34749
Machine Learning
  • Ensures that the cardinality warning in the multi metric job wizard is only shown on validity fail #34874
  • Protects against fields not existing in Logstash Nodes listing #34939
  • Fixes field name for "Events Ingested" in Logstash Node List page #35122
Upgrade Assistant
  • Ignores additional warnings handled by Cloud #35005
  • Shows different interstitial text when cluster is upgraded #34762
  • Specifies allow_restricted_indices for _has_privileges #35125
  • Fixes filtering on split bucket values in data table visualization #33886
  • Changes sample data to use auto_expand_replicas of 0-1 #33736
  • Fixes time zone behavior in visualizations #34795
  • Fixes timepicker problem in Firefox #35279