Kibana 6.5.1edit

Breaking changesedit

See Breaking changes for the changes to be aware of when migrating your application from one version of Kibana to another.


Machine Learning
  • Updates job type and APM module icon to new designs #25380
  • Grant .tasks access to kibana_system role #35573

    Kibana now uses the tasks API to manage automatic reindexing of the .kibana index during upgrades.

Bug fixesedit

  • Fixes duplicate Value options in math select value #25556
  • Gets correct plugins path #25448
  • Quotes the index pattern in SQL input #25488
  • Fixes issues with loading in IE11 #25562
  • Fixes Canvas test runner #25492
  • Improves plugin pre-build #25267
  • Fixes flashing of unstyled dashboard content #25559
  • Wraps long field names in tables in Rollup Job wizard #25405

    Long field names used to be truncated by the table cell. Now they wrap so users can read the entire field name.

  • Updates the Saved Objects management page and the Advanced Settings management page to handle query parse failures #25235
  • Adds types for setRootController() and theme-related methods in ui/chrome types #25611
  • Increases start timeout for snapshots in es-test-cluster #25600
  • Fixes Timelion issue when elasticsearch.shardTimeout is 0 #25461
  • Fixes map bounds #25040