Query baredit

The query bar is a powerful data query feature. Similar to the query bar in Discover it enables you to pass advanced queries on your data to filter on particular pieces of information that you’re interested in. It comes with a handy autocomplete that helps find the fields and even provides suggestions to the data they include. The query bar is available on Services, Transaction and Errors views, and any input will persist as you move between them.

Example of the Kibana Query bar in APM UI in Kibana

Example queriesedit

  • Exclude response times faster than 2000 ms; transaction.duration.us > 2000000
  • Filter by response status code; context.response.status_code >= 400
  • Filter by single user ID; context.user.id : 12

Read the Kibana Query Language Enhancements documentation to learn more about the capabilities in the Kibana query language.