License Managementedit

When you install Kibana, it generates a Basic license with no expiration date. To start a 30-day trial, view the status of your license, or install a new license go to Management and click License Management.

management license

The 30-day trial enables you to try out the full set of Platinum features, including security, machine learning, alerting, graph capabilities, and more. For example, the following pages are added to the side navigation:

  • Machine Learning
  • Graph

The Management page gains options related to configuring security, managing Logstash pipelines, and using Watcher.

At the end of the trial period, the Platinum features operate in a degraded mode. You can revert to a Basic license, extend the trial, or purchase a subscription.

For a comparison of the Elastic license levels, see the subscription page.

If X-Pack security is enabled, before you can install a gold or platinum license, you must configure Transport Layer Security (TLS) in Elasticsearch. See Encrypting communications.