Querying the dataedit

You can enter an Elasticsearch query to narrow the view of the data.

  1. To find all flights out of Rome, submit this query:

  2. For a more complex query with AND and OR, try this:

    OriginCityName:Rome AND (Carrier:JetBeats OR "Kibana Airlines")

    The dashboard updates to show data for the flights out of Rome on JetBeats and Kibana Airlines.

    tutorial sample query
  3. When you are finished exploring the dashboard, remove the query by clearing the contents in the query bar and pressing Enter.

In general, filters are faster than queries. For more information, see Query and filter context.

Kibana has an experimental autocomplete feature that can help jumpstart your queries. To turn on this feature, click Options on the right of the query bar and opt in. With autocomplete enabled, search suggestions are displayed when you start typing your query.