Create or Update Roleedit

This API is experimental and may be changed or removed completely in a future release. Although the underlying mechanism of enforcing role-based access control is stable, the APIs for managing the roles are currently experimental.

Creates a new Kibana role or updates the attributes of an existing role. Kibana roles are stored in the Elasticsearch native realm.


To use this API, you must have at least the manage_security cluster privilege.


To create or update a role, issue a PUT request to the /api/security/role/<rolename> endpoint.

PUT /api/security/role/my_kibana_role

Request Bodyedit

The following parameters can be specified in the body of a PUT request to add or update a role:

(object) Optional meta-data. Within the metadata object, keys that begin with _ are reserved for system usage.
(object) Optional Elasticsearch cluster and index privileges, valid keys are cluster, indices and run_as. For more information, see Defining roles.
(list) A list of objects that specify the Kibana privileges.


PUT /api/security/role/my_kibana_role
  "metadata" : {
    "version" : 1
  "elasticsearch": {
    "cluster" : [ "all" ],
    "indices" : [ {
      "names" : [ "index1", "index2" ],
      "privileges" : [ "all" ],
      "field_security" : {
        "grant" : [ "title", "body" ]
      "query" : "{\"match\": {\"title\": \"foo\"}}"
    } ]
  "kibana": [ {
      "privileges": [ "all" ]
  } ],


A successful call returns a response code of 204 and no response body.