Kibana 6.2.0edit

New Featuresedit

  • The Elastic APM is generally available as part of the 6.2.0 release of the Elastic Stack. For more information about the APM functionality in Kibana, see APM.
Machine Learning
  • Added monitoring information for Beats in Kibana. See Beats Metrics.


  • [Fixes #15642] Introduce simple kibana query language #15646
Machine Learning
  • Enhanced the creation of custom URLs for existing jobs. When you edit jobs, there is a new Custom URLs tab, which provides options for creating a link to a Kibana dashboard or a different URL.
  • Renamed the Save button Save & Deploy. This change makes it clearer that when you click the button the pipeline is saved to an Elasticsearch index and deployed to any Logstash instances that are configured to run it.
  • Added the ability to clone pipelines in Kibana. When you click the Clone button, data from the original pipeline is used to pre-populate the new pipeline form.
  • Enabled auto-sizing of the pipeline configuration text area. The text area automatically grows or shrinks as you type out a pipeline definition.
  • [Fixes #9228, #8983] add support for number format internationalization #14019
  • [Fixes #15922] [Management] Index pattern step in React! #15936
  • Advanced Settings - Image Input #15342
  • Added resolved alerts to the list of alerts that are visible during a selected time frame in Kibana.
  • Added the interval size for aggregated metrics in the tooltip for each chart.
  • Improved error handling such that generic 500 errors provide better messages.
  • Redesigned the Logstash Pipelines view to provide more actionable information in a tabular format.
  • Added a basic detail drawer to the Logstash Pipeline Viewer. When you click on any vertex in the Pipeline Viewer, the drawer slides open. It shows basic information about the vertex that was clicked and any metrics, if available.
  • Use auto_expand_replicas to stay green on 1 node clusters #15694
  • Feat: Add config provider to disable state management #15275
  • [optimizer] More aggressive chunking of common/vendor code #15907

    • Improved the build optimize time by more aggressively chunking common code, resulting in the removal of duplicate code. This drastically cuts the build and plugin install time and overall bundle asset size.
  • [Fixes #14813] [ui/bundles][optimizer] only use caches when in dev mode #15780
  • [optimizer] run webpack compilation ASAP (no more laziness) #15795
  • [Fixes #6520] [optimizer] allow http caching for bundles #15880
  • Make it possible to disable CSRF check for the specified list of paths. #13904
  • By default, weekly .reporting indices created after upgrading to 6.2 use a single primary shard and have the auto_expand_replicas: 0-1 setting rather than a fixed setting of 1 replica. As a result, these indices can have a green status on single node clusters. There is no impact in multi-node clusters.
  • [Fixes #2758] Add advanced setting to control quick ranges #15975
  • [input controls] Horizontal layout #14918
  • Kibana Home page - phase two #14749
  • Add "use time filter" option to input controls #15852
  • [Fixes #13992] Grab the default index pattern and use it in TSVB #14739

    • TSVB now uses Kibana’s default index pattern by default.
  • [TSVB] Add params._interval to mathjs #14944

    • Make the bucket interval available as a parameter.
  • [Fixes #13781] [timelion] allow sum, subtract, multiply, divide functions to accept seriesList with multiple series #14891
  • [Fixes #8953] Add Timelion percentiles aggregation support (#8953) #15154
  • [Fixes #9845] [timelion] highlight series on legend mouseover #15229
  • add time to visualization status #15856
  • few enhancements to default sidebar editor #15619

    • Its now possible to resize the sidebar editor and auto apply is possible in markdown visualization.
  • [Fixes #1961] other and missing bucket support for terms agg #15525

    • other and missing bucket for the terms aggregation resolves #1961
  • [Fixes #15146] Refactor and improve Visualize Loader #15157

    • Do not use the <visualize> directive anymore to embed a visualization. Use the Visualize Loader instead.
  • [Fixes #15153] Use visualize loader for dashboards #15444
  • Refactor rendering events #15895
  • Migrating vega_vis from plugin #15014

Bug Fixesedit

  • display NOT when new filter is negated #15865
  • [Fixes #15364] Truncate long names in the discover index pattern selection #15510
  • Add missing discover labels #16030
Machine Learning
  • The job selection control now remembers the state of the Also apply time range checkbox, such that the previous selection is restored when the control is re-opened.
  • Fixed issues where lines were drawn over the Y-axis in the event rate charts for multimetric and population jobs.
  • Removed scripted fields from job wizards.
  • Added type-ahead filtering to the job group and influencer selection controls in the job wizards.
  • Updated the data preview to use the index pattern or the list of indices that were selected.
  • Disabled the start button for jobs that do not have datafeeds.
  • Fixed issue where jobs created by the data recognizer used the default job groups instead of the specified job groups.
  • Updated the actual and typical values for anomalies in Kibana, such that they are formatted according to their magnitude.
  • Fixed the handling of anomalies when field values contain backslashes.
  • Ensured Anomaly Explorer swimlane rows are sorted by score.
  • Disabled the Forecast button for jobs that were created before 6.1.0 and for jobs that contain an over_field_name property.
  • Added support for field names with non-alphanumeric characters in the Data Visualizer.
  • Fixed problems creating jobs from saved searches that have exists filters.
  • [Fixes #16098] [Management] Allow wildcard anywhere in the search query #16109
  • [Fixes #16192] [Management] Update pager with new props in Index Pattern Creation #16195
  • [Fixes #15922] Hide caret when indices has no time fields, remove indices object containing unused string #16412
  • Added the ability to navigate between the pipeline versions in the Logstash Pipeline Viewer.
  • Updated the Logstash Pipeline Viewer such that you can change the refresh interval but you cannot select the time range.
  • Added Logstash version information back in the node list.
  • Improved logging when the Kibana monitoring collectors stop or resume and downgraded the log level for these log messages to info.
  • Resolved issue with horizontal metric visualizations being displayed incorrectly in PDF reports.
  • Fixed bug where the title of the Dashboard panels was hidden when creating PDFs with the preserve layout option.
  • Fixed issue with certain characters in the job parameters which caused CSV reports to fail.
  • Resolved issue with preserve layout PDF reports intermittently having blank visualizations.
  • [Fixes #16307] link to dashboards by id instead of title #16319
  • [Fixes #16349] Fix issue with disabled lab mode #16351
  • [TSVB] Changing the behaivor of getLastValue to get the actual last value #14919
  • [TSVB] Stacked series should not contain null values #14923
  • [Fixes #15273] disable input control when field contains no values in index pattern #15317
  • Set list-style-type for list items in markdown-body #15827
  • Visualization render status - pass correct parameters to resize check #15855
  • fixes angular vis type so it correctly propagates events up to visualize #15629
  • [Fixes #15427] fixing dot ratio slider #15860

    • dot size slider for line chart works again
  • fixing log scale error #15984

    • log scale now works with empty buckets
  • [Fixes #15114] fixing boolean filters #15927
  • [Fixes #15931, #15656] check if data hash changed instead of stringifying #15988

    • performance of visualization rendering is improved
  • Remove SVG element styling rules #15906
  • [Fixes #15553] Fix bug where negative time offsets in visual builder will shift x-axis range #15554
  • [6.x] Fix maps for reporting (#15272) #15357
  • Sharing - exposing Dashboard and Visualize title and type #14946
  • [Fixes #14730] pass bucket size as _interval param to calculation metric script #14731
  • [Fixes #15672, #14353] Revert Resize and FlotChart components to 6.0 #15717
  • [Fixes #15501] [TSVB] Fixes #15501 - Change xaxis formatter to honor dateFormat:tz #15512
  • [TSVB] Make form font-sizes consistent (after EUI upgrade) #15909
  • Remove MathJS Feature #15652
  • [TSVB] Add checks for scaledDataFormat and dateFormat in xaxisFormatter #15997
  • [TSVB] Fix typo is filter ratio path for table visualization #16052
  • [Fixes #14888] [timelion] provide argument suggestions when argument name not provided #15081
  • [Fixes #15594] fixes pie chart size to normal if labels are not applied #15641
  • [Fixes #15818] fixing collapsible side bar editor #15826
  • [Fixes #15703] refactoring vis uiState #15709
  • [Fixes #15673] fixes table padding on dashboard #15862
  • [Fixes #15778] fixing tag cloud and region map click handler #15861
  • fixes renderComplete in angular vis type #16150
  • [Fixes #16217] fixing axis title position for firefox #16278
  • [Fixes #13822] visualize editor should not show if embed is set to true in url #16310
  • [Fixes #16083] configure Kibana with production endpoint for EMSv3 #16108
  • [Fixes #13813] Use a width range instead of a fixed width for visualize legends #13818
  • should always set base layer #16213
  • Extract lab HTML on dashboard into own file #15546
  • Remove implementsRenderComplete property #15579
  • [Fixes #15255] Set uiState to Vis from visualization #15549
  • [Fixes #15618] Fix broken initial uiState set #15630
  • [Fixes #15742] Only apply forced max mode when panel is shown #15752
  • Fix JSON hint styling and accessibility #15890
  • [Fixes #15712] Fix broken editor styles #15735
  • [Fixes #15713] Use euiCallOut for experimental banner #15989
  • Fix some styling issues #16023
  • Listen to resize events in <visualize> #16048
  • [Fixes #16216] Prevent rendering into 0 size containers #16287
  • [Fixes #14331] Add topojson support / EMS v3 support #15361